Disney Dream light Valley allows you to visit the worlds of different stars of Disney and help them in various quests so that they return to the city that was once called the house. One of the kingdoms that you visit is Mona. Here you meet all the characters of the Disney cartoon of Diana and perform the quests that they give you.

In Disney’s classical manner, these quests are not very complex, but in the huge world of Disney Dream light Valley they are vague, and it can be difficult for you to find objects necessary for the performance of quests.

One of these items that can be difficult to find is worms. This leadership will help you find worms in the Dilute Disney Valley.

where to get worms in Disney Dream light Valley

So why do you need Worms in the game Disney? Well, when you enter the kingdom of Mona, you meet Maui, who gives you a series of quests for the Kingdom of Mona. The implementation of these quests will allow you to recruit Maui into the valley, where he has several more quests for you.

One of the quests that Maui represents after you recruited it back to the valley, burying eel . Maui needs to catch eel, and for this he needs 8x soft wood and 3x worms for making a trap for eel.

Soft wood is quite easy to find, as it is a common resource in the valley. Just look for a heap of wood scattered along the valley to get soft wood from them. What will be a problem is to find worms.

If you pay close attention to Maui instead of missing all the dialogs, Maui hints where you can find worms. Maui says that the valley is a house for worms, and they can be found around the lakes. Well, now we know where we can go to find as many worms as we need, that is 3 worms.

Just go to any lake that is next to you, with a shovel and start digging all over the lake. You can easily find three worms that you need for the Maui’s Burying Thee quest.

It can still be difficult for some players to find worms, even if the general idea of the places where worms appear is cleared. Firstly, you can try to delve into other lakes to find worms. If you still have not found a single or three worms, you can call on the power of friendship to find worms.

You can invite your friends from Disney’s Dream light Valley and help you find wriggling little creatures. Dig sand embankments with friends to increase the chance to find a worm.

Although at first the quest seems quite complicated, it becomes one of the simplest when you know where to look for worms.