A new contender arrives at the world of mobile games, the arrival of honor of Kings gave the opportunity to new squads to compete in a new stage, the crack of the Kings is the place where the teams will show their best skills with their heroes To conquer the days of the playoffs that give them the opportunity to advance to the first World Cup of this new game.

Starting the games we see Janus Esports against Salinas Gaming in the first series where we would have a better five that the Argentine team would begin to dominate from the first game without letting the opposites answer with a Janitor that gave a lot of What to speak during the game to be able to give a great boom to his teammates and to dominate the stage to be able to take a 3-0 to the bag.

During the second series we have In Infamous Gaming against Timbers Esports who where we had a stop duel at the beginning until Kay and KO showed their strength together to be able to give infamy a great opportunity to be able to punish their opponents, taking the Kings crack for them things come out very favorable to get a triplet that gives them an imposing victory.

Thus begins the first competition of the kings looking for the pass for the Maximum International Tournament, starting with several very intense games that left two clear winners who dominated the first day of competitions, with a very intense day that only showed that the teams They come very prepared to master this new competition that has just been added to mobile players.