Traditionally, Pokémon games have a technical machine that allows Pokémon to teach new technologies. I was able to acquire a technical machine by clearing the gym or walking around the field. However, in November, the latest film, Pokémon Scarlet, Violet, will introduce a new element of technology that can create a technology machine.

Nintendo released a new video of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet on the 6th. The video was followed by three routes released in September and introduced new content. This title is a stage with its grand nature, and you can enjoy the open world play, which is more open than before. The route includes a legend route looking for rare ingredients, a stands street that confuses the stars who are disturbed by the school, and a champion road to challenge the champion by breaking through the gym. The route is a guide to the direction of the play, and the player can freely determine what it is.

In particular, in the video, you can take a closer look at how to operate a new system Retro, which allows Pokémon to fight or bring a tool. Among the three routes mentioned above, if you aim the Pokémon of the enemy in Stardust Street, the Pokémon, which is taken out of the field, fights for the field, and if you knock down a certain number, the boss appears. In the video, three Pokémon can be automatically battle. The player’s combat method is like the previous one.

At the same time, a technical machine that makes a technology machine has been released. Technology New Machine is a device installed at the Pokémon Center, which can be made by combining the story of Pokémon, which can be obtained after the story or the battle with the wild Pokémon. The types of technical machines that can be made are increasing, and when using the technology machine, it disappears, but it can be rebuilt by collecting the ingredients. It is expected that the strategic strategy can be expanded through the elements that can produce technology machines.

In addition, a system called a terrace tale that strengthen the type and technology of Pokémon is introduced. In addition to the Pokémon owned by the trainer, the wild Pokémon uses a terrace, while the wild Pokémon has a different type in the process. It is also possible to convert the type of Pokémon owned by the trainer into a terrace, and the type that can be changed for each Pokémon is different. In addition, Pokemon, a larger owner than other Pokémon, and other users, “ Terra Raid Battle, ” which is a multiplayer content that catches a boss that has reached a terrace state.


Lastly, the eye-catching part is the picnic that can be played with Pokémon. Spread the table on the field, eat delicious food and enjoy a picnic. When you start the picnic, all the adventurous Pokémon appears on the field, and you can take a picture or make a sandwich and eat it together. In addition, I could see the part of the Pokémon eggs through the bath that cleans the Pokémon cleanly and the picnic. These picnics can also be called to enjoy other users.

Pokémon Scarlett and Violet will be released on November 18 and will officially support Korean. The player becomes a student who entered a prestigious school in the largest city in Panda, and joined forces with his colleagues to find a rare treasure.