Evolution Stars is the new Pokémon GO event that will be available between October 5 and October 11 (until 20h). In this period, four collection challenges will be in the air focused on evolution.

The rewards will be stones and special items that serve to evolve certain Pokémon. See all about the evolving stars and how to fulfill the challenges of tasks.

Evolution Stars: Levee Challenge

This challenge can be the most complicated of all, as you will need to get vapor eon , jolt eon and flatiron by evolution. The problem is that Levee evolutions are random , so you will need a good stock of Levee and candy (at least 75).

If you have not used the name technique yet, this is a good time. Rename Levee: For Trainer (evolves to vapor eon); Sparky (Jolt eon); Pro (Flatiron). If you have already used this trick, it will depend on pure luck.

Challenge Rewards: 1 Improvement + 1 Metallic Coating

Evolution Stars: Challenge of Exchange

As its name suggests, this challenge can be easily performed when exchanging Pokémon with a friend. This is because Haunter and Kaaba, when changed, can be Evolved for free for Gen gar and Alabama , respectively.

It is also possible to evolve both spending sweets normally. In this case, each Pokémon will need 100 candy to evolve. So if you have a friend available, prefer to use the exchange to save candies.

Challenge Rewards: 1 Dragon Scale + 1 Solar Stone + 1 King Stone

Evolution Stars: Nova Challenge

This time you will have to evolve Pokémon from the Nova Region: Electric and Lament . Just click Evolve and spend 25 candy on each to evolve them. The reward of the event is precisely two stones to have the final evolution (not necessary for the task).

Lament *: Evolve Lit wick using 25 candy
electric *: Evolves Dynamo using 25 candy

Challenge Rewards: 2 Nova Stones

Evolution Stars: Singh Challenge

Again, the challenge asks you to evolve Pokémon to the second stage and not to the third stage, which requires special items. So you just need to have sweets and capture pre-evolution:

Radon *: Evolves Horn using 25 candy
Palestine : Evolve swing using 25 sweets
Kali : Evolves Rats using 25 sweets
* Develops : Evolves Du skull using 25 candy

Challenge Rewards: 4 Singh Stones