One of the first things that most players do when studying the new Genshin Impact region is to unlock all possible track points-both track points of teleportation and domains. However, the altar of mirages, located in the desert, requires some effort to open it.

You need to get a shale of scarlet sand and get complete clearance before an attempt to activate the domain. To do this, comply with the following preliminary conditions:

* Chain of tasks Golden Dream
* Lost in the sand
* Introduction to internal archeology
* The secret of Alhambra
* Dreams under the scorching sand

* Old notes and world quests New Friends (only the first quest)
* Double certificate

Где найти Домен Алтаря Миражей в Сумеру в Genshin Impact

The altar of the Mirages is located under the temple of Scheme, so start with a teleportation to the nearest track point circled on the image above. Then go straight until you see a room with torches. Enter the room and turn right find an entrance in the shape of a coffin leading to a room with a giant boat.

Continue to move north until you see the control device with which you must interact to find a room with a broken floor and Dendroculus on the other side. Jump into a hole (beware of damage when falling!) To immediately discover the domain of the altar of mirages. Do not forget to interact with him at least once so that you can teleport to him at any time.

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