Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is in full swing, and Fortnitemares arrived in the game with a bunch of quests and tasks that players must perform. This popular event revolves around Halloween celebration in the game, and every year players are looking forward to rewards that can be unlocked. This year, players will be able to unlock the all over glider, the jewelry on the back of the chrome cage and the Destroyer Kirk, having performed Fortnitemares intrastate quests. Here are all Fortnitemares awards and how to unlock them in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

How to unlock the EVERYTHING’ END glider, decoration on the back of Chrome Cage Back Bling and Unmake Kirk in Fortnite

To check Fortnitemares quests in chapter 3 of season 4, open the New quests tab and scroll to the Fortnitemares section. Here you will see all the awards and tests available during the event. On this tab now there are only two quests in which players need to dance on the altar of changes and beat opponents, while the wolf smell is active. Two Fortnitemares quests will be added every day over the next 14 days. The implementation of these quests will open free awards, such as the all over glider, the decoration on the back of the chrome cage and the Destroyer Kirk. Here’s how to get these cosmetic awards.

* glider It’s over : Perform five Fortnitemares quests.


The chrome back of the cell *: Perform 13 tasks Fortnitemares.
Kirk of the destroyer *: Perform 25 tasks Fortnitemares.

Each quest also rewards the players 15,000 experience , which is a serious incentive to complete the combat pass. The players will have some time to fulfill all Fortnitemares quests, as the event should end on November 1, 2022. Fortnitemares quests will include ritual dance in the altar of changes, visiting various Lois, such as GRIM GAMBLES, and you will also get the opportunity to use objects such as Candy and Pumpkin Launcher, returning to the game.

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