Global service operating company Cue Road (CEO Gil Howling) announced on the 28th that it has begun to accelerate its business by acquiring Digital Content Design and Filmmaker Valet Find Dream (CEO Soon Sung-woo) and Eco Line (CEO Lee Tae-hyun).

With this acquisition, Cue Road will be equipped with all systems for game services such as design, video production, translation, marketing, operation, and AI Solution as well as QA (QA). In particular, the company plans to become a global specialized company by introducing all-in-one services based on specialized talents in each field.

Valentine Dream has been well received by producing high levels of design and video of game companies such as Aka Games and Unity.

Eco Line is a multi-language translation in more than 100 languages, including English, French, and Chinese in various fields such as various content translations such as games, webtoons, videos, and meth uses, and IT technology data.

CEO Gil Howling said, We are very happy to enable the completion of all-in-one products through the acquisition of ‘Valentine Dream’ and ‘Eco Line’. We will provide a stable service to achieve good results.

On the other hand, Cured is the largest global service operating company in Korea, and the headquarters of Seoul, including Seoul, is located in Susan, Won, Singapore, and Philippines.