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CS: GO: Dev1CE defines tournament in which it will return to competitive after 1 year stopped

After spending more than 1 year without playing, Nicolai Device Reed is officially back to the CS: GO competitive. Fixed champion and twice MVP of Major, the Danish star, who recently announced his return to Astral is, will compete in the CCT North Europe Series 2, a championship in which the Danish organization was invited as one of the main key heads and debut directly on the round of 16 of the final competition.

Between 2017 and 2019, Dev1CE lived the peak of his career as a player, winning the Majors of League Atlanta 2017, Facet London 2018, IEM Katowice 2019 and Stepladder Berlin 2019, as well as several other Tier 1 titles in the period, such as editions 2, 5, 6 and 8 of esports championship series Season 2, Editions 7 and 8 of ESL Pro League, League CS: GO Premier 2018, Blast Pro Series: Global Final 2019, IEM KATOWICE 2017, IEM CHICAGO 2018, Dream hack Masters Marseille 2018, IEM Beijing 2019 and IEM Global Challenge 2020.

In April 2021 Dev1CE left Astral is and moved to Ninjas In Pajamas, with the mission of replacing the traditional Swedish organization among the best teams in the world. Although he won the title of IEM Fall Europe 2021 and arrived at PGL Major Stockholm 2021 playoffs, Device left the starting team of the NIP at the end of the year to take care of a state of mental fatigue, as the player himself described on social networks himself.


CCT North Europe Series began playing on November 24 and will be held until December 7, one of the last championships of the 2022 season, as well as Astral is, 7 other teams will be invited directly to playoffs, and Meet, OG and Gamerlegon They are already among the confirmed teams.

Casimiro eaks Youtube world record transmitting the World Cup and surpasses Elon Musk

Streamer and content creator Casimir Miguel Casimir Vieira, who has been highlighted on the Twitch and YouTube streaming platforms due to the 2022 World Cup oadcast, has just eak a new world record, becoming responsible for the most viewed Live in world.


This Monday (28), Casimir oadcast the match between azil and Switzerland on his official Twitch and YouTube channels. In the latter, the streamer accumulated 4.8 million simultaneous viewers and surpassed the audience of SpaceX’s release oadcast by Elon Musk: Twitter’s owner’s record was 4.2 million simultaneous viewers.

Adding to the Twitch audience, the content creator concentrated over 5.1 million viewers on their two channels.

In addition, Casimir also oke his own national record. During the match between azil and Serbia’s teams, the streamer surpassed the numbers of country singer Marilla Mendoza, who died in 2021 due to a plane crash of 3.31 million people. Came, in turn, concentrated 3.5 million people on the platform.

Phenomenon Casimir

Known as Came, the streamer is arguably the biggest name on the azilian internet in recent times. With viral content ranging from ‘reacts’ of Mastered episodes, game plays and debates about football, host and commentator dominates live oadcast platforms.

On November 9, 11 days before the 2022 World Cup official start, Casimir announced that he would oadcast 22 global games through a new YouTube channel called Cadet. Eight days after the start of the games, the channel accumulates more than 2 million subscribers.

How to watch games

To watch the games oadcast by Casimir, just choose your device preferably to keep up with your Twitch or YouTube oadcasts.

Check out the respective links from the platforms:

  • Twitch
  • YouTube

In addition to Casimir, all the 2022 World Cup games are being oadcast on TV Globe, Sports and FIFA+, FIFA’s official streaming channel.

NBA Sixers vermöbeln Magic, Bucks düpieren Dallas

Success in the 20th game-The Celtics highlighted their supremacy in the league through a 130: 121 over the wizards. As expected, Jaylen Brown leapt into the breach and led the Celts to success with strong 36 points, the ninth in the tenth house video game in the TD Garden.

The Milwaukee Bucks around superstar Giannis Antetocounmpo, who led his colors to 124: 115 versus Luka Dončić and the Dallas Mavericks, are even more on the heels. While the Texans slipped into the unfavorable (9:10), the Bucks increased second in the east to 14: 5. MASS lead character and MVP prospect Dončić, who came to 27 points in Milwaukee, five rebounds and Twelve helps, had to acknowledge after the video game that Antetokouplo was currently the finest gamer in the NBA. With 30/11, the Greek place on a double versus the Texans, while Maxi Keeper pertained to six points, four rebounds and three assists in the 2nd game after his back injury after his back injury.

Wagner bros without an opportunity

Isaiah Hammerstein lost with the New York Knicks with 123: 127 versus the Memphis Grizzlies around yes Moran, who managed the very first triple double this season with 27/10/14. Hammerstein came to four points and 4 rebounds in addition to a block in his quarter of an hour.

Like glue, the other Germans remained without a win. Franz Wagner scored 17 points for the Orlando Magic, but could not prevent the 103:13 degree against the Philadelphia 76ers. The recuperated older brother Moritz gathered twelve points, 6 rebounds and four helps from the bank. Orlando remains in 5:15 wins in the penultimate location in the east.

Moran’s jerseys remain in demand

MASS protagonist and MVP prospect Dončić, who came to 27 points in Milwaukee, five rebounds and twelve assists, had to recognize after the game that Antetokouplo was presently the best gamer in the NBA. With 30/11, the Greek put on a double against the Texans, while Maxi Keeper came to 6 points, four rebounds and 3 assists in the second video game after his back injury after his back injury.

As anticipated, Jaylen Brown jumped into the breach and led the Celts to success with strong 36 points, the ninth in the tenth house video game in the TD Garden.


After the video game in the MSG there was a little issue for the protagonist: Young star Moran actually desired to pass on his jersey to Knicks-Routinier Derrick Rose, who was always a role model for him with his style of play. The competitor in the battle for the Jersey was Moran’s own dad. The option: The Guard exchanged his dress and had two to distribute during the game.

Nacon Pro Compact Colorlight Controller for Xbox now available in brand-new colors

Bacon reveals that the created for Xbox Pro Compact Controller for Xbox Series X | s, Xbox One and PC is readily available in brand-new colors.

While the blue, pastel and red blue versions have actually been readily available since November 11, the color light edition is offered in shops from today.

The Pro Compact Color light variation readily available from today has six incorporated LEDs, with which the colors of the controller can be fully changed. With 25 colors per LED, numerous thousand different combinations are possible, for which 4 different result types are offered in three speed levels. So everybody can have their own special controller.


The Pro Compact Controller belongs to Na cons Designed for Xbox series and uses modification alternatives (programmable secrets, stick and trigger sensitivity settings), which can otherwise only be found in expert peripheral devices. Considering that this model is 15 percent smaller sized than conventional Xbox controllers, it is suitable for all hand sizes.

The Pro Compact Controller has 2 modes:

  • Standard mode, for having fun with the classic functions of the Xbox Wireless Controller.
  • Extended mode, for playing with a custom profile that is created with the Pro Compact app offered in the Microsoft Store. Online connection and Microsoft account required.

Technical requirements:

The blue, red and pastel blue created for Xbox Pro Compact controllers and the Pro Compact Color light are now available in shops.

The Pro Compact Color light version available from today has six integrated LEDs, with which the colors of the controller can be completely adjusted. With 25 colors per LED, numerous thousand various mixes are possible, for which four different impact types are available in 3 speed levels. Everyone can have their own special controller.

  • Formally licensed wired designed for Xbox controller
  • Ergonomic, compact and light structure and shape
  • Textured surface for ideal convenience and maximum grip
  • Programmable secrets, sticks and trigger
  • Pro compact app available in Microsoft Shop
  • 3.5 mm socket for audio and chat
  • 3 m braided USB cable television

The Witcher 3 Including Fan

For those that don’t know: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt debuted on May 19, 2015, and is the game accountable for putting CD Project Red on the map. Not only is it extensively thought about one of the biggest RPGs of perpetuity, however among the best games of perpetuity across all genres. It notably boasts a 93 on Metacritic. Regardless of being 7 years old, few RPGs since have actually been able to match its storytelling and even less open-world games have actually had the ability to craft an open-world equivalent to its huge and vibrant world.

As constantly, feel totally free to leave a remark or more letting us understand what you believe. Will you be inspecting out The Witcher 3 once again on PS5, Xbox Series S, or Xbox Series X?

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s next-gen update is lastly almost here. A few weeks back, CD Project Red announced that the RPG classic is pertaining to PS5, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X alongside a wide variety of new material, improvements, and enhancements. This week all of this was lastly revealed together with word of the addition of a feature gamers have been requesting considering that the video game was initially launched in 2015.

Cross Save announced for Witcher 3. Tran smog would have been super valued however that’s fine, cross conserves are way more crucial for me going in between PS5 and Steam Deck.


I love that cross-save feature is also implemented in The Witcher 3 upgrade, composes one fan of the news on Twitter. It’s excellent just to resume using a various platform and not stress about attempting or having various walkthroughs to manually somehow import those conserves.

More specifically, this week CD Project Red surprised fans of the RPG by exposing that cross-save is being executed, which is substantial news for those playing the RPG throughout several platforms. Word of the function flew under the radar due to the aforementioned function, but those that captured the confirmation from CPDR were quite pleased with the news.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s next-gen update is finally almost here. A couple of weeks back, CD Project Red announced that the RPG classic is coming to PS5, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X alongside a large variety of brand-new content, enhancements, and enhancements. For those that do not understand: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt debuted on May 19, 2015, and is the video game responsible for putting CD Project Red on the map.

Genshin Impact TCG: The final announcement on the card game that has disappointed the community


Genshin Impact is about to receive one of the most important novelties that Hoover had prepared for this year. The great highlight in addition to the arrival of Summer was the introduction of a new game mode based on collectible cards. First level playable alternative that promises to offer us a lot of content and the possibility of achieving new and interesting rewards. However, the company’s last announcement about the TCG has included a small disappointment for the community.

Gen shin Impact is Rene of the competition in your card game

In addition to announcing some basic aspects of the game mode, a final message was added to the presentation of Genshin Impact TCG. It was announced that players can play against their friends and the appearance of a pairing tool that will allow us to seek clashes against other rivals of our server. However, there was a final warning: The games between friends or against other players will not serve to ascend in any ranking or win rewards. A mail to those who expected that this mode based on cards introduced a competitive aspect.

Even if we enjoy the relaxed experience that Genshin Impact us, and we did not negotiate with the possibility that the game offered us the possibility of living something similar with this TCG, the truth is that it seems a lost opportunity by Hoover. Card games usually benefit from offering competitive possibilities beyond friendly clashes. Even casual franchises like Pokémon bet on this something more challenging and interesting, especially when we talk about the long term.

The truth is that the introduction of the Genshin Impact card game seems well implemented in all other aspects, in the absence of knowing how it will be integrated into the monetization system. The games will be complex with a multitude of cards and tactical options, there is a system of Pre-baked levels that looks incredible. That is precisely the problem that we find many players that, being an option that seems so interesting, we would like to have that more hardcore option that kept us hooked a lot of time.

The Callisto Protocol a live action television area with Josh Duhamel, the star who plays Jacob in the video game

Unless we do not particularly value the Survival Horror, The Callisto Procedure is clearly the most anticipated video game of this end of the year now that God of War Ragnarök is readily available on the market. The title of striking distance studios is when again discussing him through a live action TV area in which Josh Chapel, the star who plays Jacob Lee, inhabits the top of the poster. Realistically, there are specific elements present in the game such as the detainee’s attire of the hero-who, thereafter, will be caused place on an advanced combination-the HP gauge situated at the level of his neck, the well-known stick Electric which gives The Callisto Protocol an unnamed cruelty, or the knife to eliminate the biophages in all discretion.


Simply put, sufficient to make us much more impatient when the one that lots of think about as the spiritual successor of Dead Space is expected for December 2 (Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC). An eternity, even if we recognize exaggerating a bit.

Football World Cup 2022 This is how Germany is flying out on Sunday

The second group k.o. After the embarrassment 2018 in Russia, it is clear when Germany loses versus Spain and previously won Japan against Costa Rica (11:00 a.m.).

The scenario for the DFB team is complicated in a draw versus Spain. If Japan formerly played versus Costa Rica, Germany would no longer have in one point at one point before the last group video game against Costa Rica on December 1st (8:00 p.m.).

In any case, the German group would have opportunities for moving into the World Cup round of ultimate after a win versus Spain. Then perhaps would have to be determined appropriately on the last group video game day.

Spain (4 points) and Japan (4 or 6 points) would decisively distance the DFB-Elf with a draw in the exact same time.


The goal difference would possibly decide, which is more essential at the World Cup when tied as a criterion than the direct comparison.

After the 1-2 misfiring of the national soccer team against Japan and the 7-0 Spain against Costa Rica, a German World Cup in Group E can be sealed on Sunday (8:00 p.m.).

How to defeat a traveler in God of War Ragnarok

Oh, you thought that only because the end of the world is approaching, Rates and Aura will be safe from the wandering warrior, known as a wanderer? No no no. God of War Ragnarök does everything possible and plays one of the best hits of his predecessor. Therefore, when Rates and Freya will meet with a wanderer in Midgard during the quest Word of Fate, you will be ready.

How to win a wanderer in Midgard at God of War Ragnarök

A traveler is a mini-boss, which is stupid between Rates and its goal. Most of his attacks are large, wide horizontal swings with a two-handed sword. You can fend them off, but it was much easier for us to just evade them. Computed attacks consist of thunderous blows on the ground. Give him the opportunity to roll up a tantrum, and everything will be fine.

Be sure to use Freya during the battle so that it is dotted with arrows that enhance the spontaneous damage to Rates and its runic attacks. The battles in God of War Ragnarök require the patience and expectation of your discovery. So, take your time, study the traveler’s movements and punish him when the opportunity arises. Then, when the time comes to perform this magnificent finisher, enjoy it.


To learn more about God of War, read the section How to win Gamma in God of War Ragnarök in Pro GAME Guides.

Is Evil West in Game Pass? Answered

Evil West arrives at players as the last third-person shooting game of Shadow Warrior developer, Flying Wild Hog. Taking a new approach to the aforementioned Shadow Warrior, this title sees players take control of a vampire hunter to protect the old west of supernatural entities. As with many new releases, some players have questioned whether this game will appear in the Xbox Game Pass Subscription service. Here is your answer whether Evil West is at Xbox Game Pass.


Are Evil West in Game Pass?

The short answer is no; MAL West is not available in Game Pass. If you want to play the game, you must buy the game through Xbox, PC or PlayStation. Nor is it available in PlayStation Plus, which means that none of the systems obtains a launch in its respective subscription service.

This may surprise some since the last game of the developer Flying Wild Hog, Trek to Yogi, was a release of the first day at Game Pass. Perhaps the lack of a Game Pass launch of this game could be the result of a different editor; While Trek to Yogi was published by returning Digital, Evil West brings us Focus Home Interactive. Perhaps Focus Home did not feel so ready to make this a first day title at Game Pass as returning. However, do not be surprised if you finally get to the service in the future.

That is all you need to know about whether Evil West is at Xbox Game Pass. If you still do not know whether to choose Evil West, take a look at DLPRIVATASERVER in the extended game trailer of this unique title.

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