After it was already shown at the start of the year that a brand-new Ghostbusters title was under advancement, this was officially announced last night.

The claimed project is called Ghostbusters: Increase of the Ghost Lord and also will be released for PlayStation VR2 as well as Meta Quest 2 in the training course of following year. The brand-new Ghostbusters journey is being developed by Studio Dreams, the currently recognized brand names such as the shooter Far Cry led its means into online reality.

You are in the United States metropolis of San Francisco, which, according to the developer, is haunted by a dark horror.

Cooperative ghost pursues for as much as four gamers

It was mentioned in the main announcement that it is up to you in Ghostbusters: Increase of the Ghost Lord, whether you deal with the ghost searching alone or the darkness that endangers San Francisco, in a group of up to 4 players or opposing players. By the way, a disagreement over one of the most preferred ghost seekers in the films can not shed when choosing the personalities, considering that Dreams depend on an entirely new actors.

More records on Ghostbusters: Surge of the Ghost Lord.

Ghostbusters: Increase of the Ghost Lord did not receive a specific releasing day in the program of the official statement.

Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord will certainly include a series of widely known elements from the ghostbusters franchise business on the one hand, but on the other hand you will certainly face you with a completely new villain. Given that the story is once again located in San Francisco, a reunion with numerous known areas and also sights is also waiting-including the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge.