Jujitsu Kaiser has currently reached a new phase that attracts attention in the arc of the sacrifice game, since now that the Yuri Atari team has finished its first fights. And now, the newest chapter of the series has revealed what Kenya really wants to do with this deadly tournament, something that goes beyond waking the different spirits.

Kenya , making movements to move on to the next real phase, goes to a new and intense place in the newest chapter, since he has approached the Star Corridor in an attempt to eliminate A Tenn . Thus, he revealed that he wants to create a type of cursed spirit of next level by merging with the non-users to form a massive spirit as a result. Something that is for fun.

Chapter 202 of the Manga of Jujitsu Kaiser See Kenya addressing the Star Corridor , where he prepares to fight against Chose . He reveals that the sacrifice game has already fulfilled its purpose by establishing a fusion of the non-sorcerers of Japan . Wanting to give birth to a new type of damn energy and, therefore, to a new type of spirit as a result, wants to merge Ten gen with the mass of non-sorcerers to form a new creature.

When asked what type of form will take a new evolution of Cursed Spirit, Kenya reveals that he is actually doing it because the idea seems fun. The game was intended to gather all the elements in a single area, and the ultimate goal is to experiment and see what all these people who have nothing to do with.

Remember that the manga of Jujitsu Kaiser is currently emission.