Agriculture simulators have become one of the most popular genres in recent years, and work especially as a relaxing portable experience. So, Can you play Harvested in Steam deck if you want to relax and enjoy it in the popular new Hardware of Valve? This is what you need to know.

Are Harvested available to play on Steam Deck? Explained

Currently, Harvested is available on both Nintendo Switch and PC. While there is no official information about whether you can play in Steam deck, there is no reason for the game not to run in the hardware.


Steam Deck is obviously much more powerful than Nintendo Switch and, therefore, from a performance perspective, is easily able to execute it. Installing and playing the game in Steam Deck should be a simple case to download it to its Steam library and start the software normally.

We will update this guide if we have a problem when playing Harvested in Steam Deck, but according to everything we have seen and read about it, it is absolutely playable.

If you are not up-to-date with Harvested, it is another addictive agricultural simulator that not only assigns you the task of cultivating, but also interacts with the townspeople to advance in several stories. There are also adversaries along the way, with monsters to defeat and an entire world to save while young won and crops. You can see one of the recent advances in the game here.

That should give everything you need to know about if Harvested is in Steam Deck . To get more useful tips, guides and information about the game, look for or see some related contents listed below.

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