That Nintendo works on Switch’s successor is a fact. All companies look at the future and outline their next products from the moment they launch the previous hardware. The question is when that transition will occur, although Creatures-a study linked to The Pokémon Company-h dropped that he is looking for a characters’ modeler to investigate and develop for another new generation hardware.

expected, the job offer does not come into further details, so we do not know if this device referred to is a more powerful switch model or a full-fledged successor. On the game in which they are working, nothing is said, but they have named Pokémon Ranger, Poke park and Detective Pikachu. Decade in the fridge.

Pokémon returns this November

The Pokémon Company launched the pearl and diamond remake at the end of 2021, while Pokémon legends: Are saw the light just a few months later. Now, Game freak emerges his next great launch, nothing more and nothing less than Scarlet and Purple Pokémon . This new adventure, which will allow us to tour the Pale region (inspired by Spain), will open the ninth generation of Pokémon.

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple will go on sale next November 18 one of the great exclusive Nintendo Switch For this year 2022. In Meditation we have already been able to prove the title, so we encourage you to read our first impressions.

Nintendo Switch h turned 5 this year, but those of Kyoto continue to insist that the hardware h just overcome The threshold of its life cycle . Will there be a new console soon? At the moment it is time to wait.