After what seems to be an eternity for fans, Sonic Frontiers is here, pushing the blue sprinter to his last adventure. In Sonic Frontiers, our hero’s formula changes significantly with the introduction of an open world structure, new fighting mechanics and many known faces. Despite the exaggeration surrounding the change of focus, the debut of the final product has caused enough shock on whether the game is good or not. Here is ours Face the sonic borders and if it is an entry that is worth your time .


is sonic frontiers good? Answered

Our game review pointed out that Sonic Frontiers was a step in the right direction for the franchise, but stumbles into many areas. Ultimately, as with any game that reaches the market, the decision is reduced to how You feel about a game based on what you’ve seen or heard .

Returning to our Sonic Frontiers review, we feel that certain parts were very well-made, such as the transition to the open world design and how the platform is handled. It is also mentioned that Sonic Frontiers has a solid soundtrack to stay entertaining while you explore and complete the various missions in which you start, and the game looks relatively well.

On the contrary, there are many problems that must be highlighted in Sonic Frontiers. On the one hand, although the story is well done, its presentation is not like the voice performance in English, and the gloomy tone goes from the line compared to the previous entries. It has been obvious since it was announced, but the game suffers from a technical perspective, being the pop-in a big problem.

As with any game, everything is reduced to how you feel about a product. The unanimous opinion has been that Frontiers is a step in the right direction for the progress franchise, but Sonic Team needs to show more love and care in the various areas of this game for future entries. However, other members of the Sonic community apparently enjoyed this version without complaining.

That is all you need to know about Sonic Frontiers and if it is worth your time . If you decide to give it a chance, we have a lot of content related to Sonic to navigate, such as how to illuminate the board, all playable characters or how to achieve 60 fps in the game.

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