These days the Twitter platform has been a mess for different users, because to start Elon Musk it will begin to charge to have verification on the platform, that could imply the identity situation. In fact, they recently withdrew the official label which continued to pounce identification, but now they just returned and users do not understand.

In a new statement, it is mentioned that the label has been returned for certain selected users, it would be specifically for public weight figures in the world, large-caliber stars, companies, politicians and some employees. However, those who have been discarded, apparently could not appeal to receive said badge.

To combat the impersonation of identity, we add an official label to some accounts.

It is worth mentioning that the verification of Twitter is not for now so convincing, since anyone can change the name and put the popcorn, but it should also be clarified that the company has forbidden to make changes recently. So, many of the Internet users have been confused about what are the rules that are breaking on the page.