League of Legends It has always been a game capable of arousing great curiosity among its own community. Many fans of the Riot Games title we want to know as much as possible about it and flood with data about champions, objects or users. Fortunately, being such a successful video game it is relatively easy to find answers to our concerns. Even when we refer to issues to those who do not reach the statistics offered by the company or some of the many external services it is easy to find great work done by the players themselves . Something that has happened again with a large survey that offered a worrying result.

An even more hated champion than we expected

The small research to which we refer was carried out on Reddit, so that it is more representative of this very important League of Legends forum than of the community in general. However, even Riot Games has acknowledged taking into account the opinions shared on this platform by hosting a large part of the players most faithful to the video game. In this sense, the answer to one of the questions has been quite revealing and very worrying . We refer to the question about which champion would delete the game of having the opportunity. The winner can already imagine it, but not the forcefulness of his triumph.

When asked What champion would you eliminate League of Legends if you could?, 42.5% of the 11,501 respondents responded Yuri . This places the character at unusual hate levels. The second most selected champion was Shack, and brought together only 4.56% of the elections. If we remove the Support of the Education, we would have to add the percentage obtained by the 34 most hated characters to reach a similar figure. The truth is that, seen from this perspective, the figures are quite surprising. In 2020 a similar survey was carried out and, although Yuri also won, the percentage was then smaller.

The truth is that, in addition, it does not seem that this is an exclusive reading of Reddit. Yuri receives around 41% of prohibitions in the qualifying items of the superior to platinum ranges despite winning only 48% of the clashes in which it has appeared during patch 12.21. A metric that clearly indicates that League of Legends players prefer not to find it in the games. In fact, the data has been increasing over the last months to become the second most bathing champion of the game. Maybe ends up surpassing Zed , which is normally the hero most hated by the community.

Despite the controversy with respect to the state of Yuri, the truth is that this survey has also left good news to Riot Games. When they solve the problems of this champion with a great update in which they are already working, things will be very calm with the community. Only one in five players gives a suspense to its satisfaction with the League of Legends balance, and we are talking about the most demanding public with the video game. In this sense, it seems that patch 12.10 and subsequent updates have changed everything.

As for more curious details, for the Reddit community the best song in the history of the Worlds is RISE (+30%), Cloud 9 the most often (+14%) team and the f the most used key for launch the flash (51.7%). A curious profile of the most participatory players in the League of Legends community that reveals very interesting details and, above all, highlights the need for great adjustments for Yuri.