Call of Duty DMZ mode: Modern Warfare 2 every day h more players. It consists of unfolding on the map of War zone 2.0 with the intention of exploring, completing missions and obtaining rewards of all kinds. And for this, clearing strengths is the best thing you can do, although for this you need to have strength keys in your inventory. We tell you the best tips to get them.

How to get strength keys in DMZ

There are several strengths on the DMZ mode map and completing them is one of the main objectives to obtain the best rewards. The problem is that all are closed, and you need strength keys to access their interior. But do not worry, since you will not have too many problems to get some.


Our advice is that before looking blindly, you approach a supply store, since there are chances that it appears an object that you can buy for only $5,000, an amount that you can eily gather that you find some value objects To sell them in this store (it is also interesting to search in registrar boxes, since there are many in any store or bank and inside there is always some money).

If this is not the ce, then you will have to look for it and everything depends on the fate you have with the enemy’s drops. Look for groups of CPU soldiers, especially the most powerful that have bulletproof vest and those that unfold from rival helicopters. It is possible that someone drops a key of strength after defeating it. Of course, another option is to defeat other players that you find during the game, since they have the same objective you and perhaps have already found a key.

What are strength keys for?

its name indicates, with them, you can open the strengths on the map. Inside there are strong enemies and all kinds of valuable objects such encrypted hard discs, documents. In addition, they also usually house legendary chests (oranges) in which you will find the best possible team. Finally, in the DMZ mode there are missions that you can select before the game, and some of them propose to complete enemy strengths and obtain huge amounts of experience.