Persona 5 Royal is basically a re-thought of the original Persona 5 game published in 2017 (2016 in Japan). Now, to the delight of Japanese lovers, the three-year-old Royal was also given PS5, Xbox and Switch consoles. To the end, a new story has been added, there are new characters and game mechanics, and all the splendor is remastered with respect for its role model.

At first, the fact was a bit terrifying that it would probably take a hundred hours to go through this. Old and tired when it is, and working, Japanese polls have no longer been the number one choice for leisure. Nevertheless, such rally should be made, and it is not always regretted. Admittedly, Persona 5 with Royal started to regret it at 15 hours, but the tightening of the teeth turned into moderate chilling after the 25-hour tackle settled. The rest then slipped almost unnoticed.

Evil adults are injected into the muzzle

Let the story of the Persona 5 unknown to open a bit of its special plot pattern. The main character is Japanese teenage boy Men Amalia, who starts fighting against adults. Adults are bad because those tutors are jerking the children, giving corruption to the consequences of the consequences. When teenagers realize the world is full of slavery, oppression and injustice, they are forced to act. Problems are caused by the complexity of the situation: young people cannot live as parts of the system or outside. The mere existence is dangerous, as the protagonist accused of a crime on the wrong basis may be noticed. Men becomes the leader of the rebellious Phantom Thieves of Hearts group, who seeks to change society by making illegality and touching people’s hearts.

So we’re pretty in-depth reports. The colorful and action-packed visual look of the game wraps up a gloomy story that makes you think about the space of things in the right life. Bad adults need to get a breed, feel repentant and confess the injustices they have d1. The world can only be rescued by dating the monsters in the adult brain.

long-haired gameplay

As mentioned, the beginning fucked with Persona with 5 Royal. However, it was not about the story or game mechanics, but from my own brain. In the evenings, getting tired of starting the game was almost sure of the migraine bigger as a result of everything on the screen Arson. Strong colors and contrasts, fast movements, full-packed animations… Eyes and concentration and tolerance were hard. On the weekend, on the other hand, it all felt like Rocha, sometimes even enjoyable.

Anyway, the story of the story 5 in Royal is the most important factor. The story of corruption, the pain of the young person and the rising to the barricades sinks into me like a NAC boat to Pain. Persona 5 players have a very familiar experience. Despite the improvements and small additions, the basics of the game with their causal relationships are exactly the same. Most of the new story content has been planted in the third semester added to the game, but before that, you will hardly notice. The third part feels like an extension that is completely separate from the main line itself.

New characters in Persona 5 Royal have been thrown in two pieces. One of them, a bunny who is striving for the gymnastic heaven, is crazy about the plot right from the start, but is not transformed into a character to play until the end of the third. The school curator Auto, on the other hand, provides mental health support when changing the world becomes too heavy. Czech, who is already familiar with the original game, gets special love in Royal. This time the connection to this Men’s ideological competitor is through volunteer events, and new Czech scenes as if he made him more concrete as a character.

familiar, but not frustrating

Without more revealing the Persona 5 Royal plot, especially for those who do not know its predecessor, it is not worth dozens of games. There is also a certain prediction in the air in the air, but the story rolls so well that it doesn’t bother to complain about it.

All in all, Royal offers a more satisfying final solution than the original game. The third semester’s main fellows come and close, even deserves understanding. The boss battles themselves are also different. Both the stories of the big battles and the mechanics have gained depth and variability, which makes the gaming experience a lot more fascinating. As a bonus, there are some problematic details in the story, after the reforms, with two adult gay men who capture a minor boy.

If you enjoy the original game, bring 5 Royal quality improvements to the familiar pattern.


The graphic look seems to be a quarter of the finest of the original, for example, the textures are more detailed and the whole is a degree sharper.
The added narrative delicacy is also worth the whole thing for the whole Hosea.
If, on the other hand, you haven’t tried the game before, but you are overwhelmed by an over-long Japanese role-playing game, now it’s high time to jump on a teenager’s sled.