Unless we do not particularly value the Survival Horror, The Callisto Procedure is clearly the most anticipated video game of this end of the year now that God of War Ragnarök is readily available on the market. The title of striking distance studios is when again discussing him through a live action TV area in which Josh Chapel, the star who plays Jacob Lee, inhabits the top of the poster. Realistically, there are specific elements present in the game such as the detainee’s attire of the hero-who, thereafter, will be caused place on an advanced combination-the HP gauge situated at the level of his neck, the well-known stick Electric which gives The Callisto Protocol an unnamed cruelty, or the knife to eliminate the biophages in all discretion.


Simply put, sufficient to make us much more impatient when the one that lots of think about as the spiritual successor of Dead Space is expected for December 2 (Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC). An eternity, even if we recognize exaggerating a bit.