Business of Heroes 3 has actually been revealed and the release date for the PC version is now known.
As part of a brand-new trailer, the console variations were likewise officially confirmed for the very first time.
Update from December 9, 2022: It is the very first time that it produces part of the Business of Heroes video game series on the console-a release date of part 3 for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S variations
however not yet.
This need to follow in the coming year.
There is currently a trailer for the console variations:
Business of Heroes 3-Console Gameplay Reveal
There is finally a start date for the PC variation of Company of Heroes 3: the video game is set up to appear on February 23, 2023.
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Company of Heroes 3: Release likewise possible for PS and Xbox

Company of Heroes 2, the predecessor of the announced method video game, appeared in 2013-at that time exclusively for the PC.
The successor is set up to appear on February 23, 2023.


You can already pre-order the game via Steam, however console variations have not yet been announced.
Now, however, data has appeared that suggest the opposite.

The Taiwanese committee for evaluation of digital games has classified Company of Heroes 3 for Sony and Microsoft’s consoles.
It is therefore rather possible that further versions of the video game for PlayStation and Xbox will be revealed in the course of the coming months or weeks (source: Gets).
What is it about in the coming video game?
Designer Antique Home Entertainment and Publisher SEGA explain Business of Heroes 3 as The Ultimate Package of Action, Methods and Strategy.
You take the command in a real-time battle in which every choice counts and ultimately picks success or defeat.
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Pre-order ## Business of Heroes 3 from Steam and safe and secure bonus offers
You can already pre-order the previously announced PC version from Steam.
You get the normal version for 59.99 euros, however pre-ordered get the Devils Brigade DLC Load as a bonus-a collection of advantages, motivated by the first command systems of World War II (source: Steam):.
Us rifleman cosmetics (legendary).
United States scout cosmetics (legendary).
M18 Hellcat cosmetics (famous).
M8 greyhound cosmetics (legendary).
Pioneer profile & title (famous).