AMD’s Radon RX 7900 AT and XTX are now available for purchase. Check out several reviews on the new cards from various sites to see how they compare with other devices in the market.

AMD new graphics cards Radon RX 7900 AT and RX 7900 XTX remain in stores-there are likewise some test links that we have chosen for you.
However, initially to the two brand-new graphics cards, for which we are currently working on a special for Friday: The Radon RX 7900 are offered in two variants, in the kind of the Radon RX 7900 AT and the stronger Radon RX 7900 ATX.
Both utilize the brand-new NAVY 31-GPU from AMD, whereby less compute units and shader systems are triggered for the AT variation.
In addition, the Radon RX 7900 AT clocks a little slower than the Radon RX 7900 ATX, and the RAM is likewise a little slower.
With the Radon RX 7900 AT and RX 7900 ATX, AMD also heralds the new architecture RDNA3 and primarily wishes to attack Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 4080.
In the first detailed tests, as well as that of our colleagues on the PC Games Hardware, the two brand-new AMD graphics cards around the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 are positioned.
AMD deliberately hands out a little efficiency capacity through a modular design in order to save costs and offer an excellent price-performance ratio.


Here is an overview with a few test links:
PC Games Hardware
Computer base
Note pad check
PC player
Tom’s hardware
The marketplace scenario is currently still hard to assess-it is sometimes stores that use designs of the RX 7900 AT, from around 1000 euros.
The XTX can be found for 150 to 200 euros.
Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 4080 does not cost less than 1300 euros.
In our news from 2 p.m. we have actually created a list of possible contact points for you.
From Friday, the brand-new AMD graphics cards will also be part of our Pauline news on graphics cards, which we will publish every Tuesday and Fridays.
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