mad world is one of the more unique indie games to come out in a while. Developed by Bandicoot, the game’s grim story and grotesque monsters have been previewed at PAX East, Canada’s Northern Gaming Expo, E3, and more. The game has been in development for six years and is still slated for release someday. In the meantime, check out this video interview with the man behind it all!

The Mad World team has more sneak peeks of monstrous enemies you’ll deal with in the approaching while we all wait for an official release.

The group likewise posted a Q&A in English about how far and advancement they’ve gotten, along with additional actions to common questions. Last time they did an AMA, they announced a prepared for a permanent open beta format that was initially intended at completion of this year. However, there will not be one this month. While they are not able to open this month, they note that the release variation of the video game is total however they are still dealing with final screening and localization. They’ve also started dealing with significant content updates to come after the release, in addition to features like guilds.


Read the full Q&A over at Mad World.

The Q&A is pretty long and differed, however some other information consist of that they are dealing with a Steam version, And a take a look at the PVP system and what they’re calling Madness points. Approximately about level 50, there will be some precaution to safeguard more recent players If you attempt to PK, you’ll start collecting Insanity points and if you have a lot of, you’ll begin dropping your products.

The newest audiobook lore excerpt reveals that, as soon as again, Bandicoot is not shying away at all from the body horror of this dark world. As if Too was leaning to the side, mummified remains started to develop on his body, it says, including that Till there was nothing left to soak up, Rooms body would just continue to grow.

Bandicoot has actually continued previewing monsters, bosses, along with environments, tracks from the soundtrack, and an entire bunch of new information over the past few days. With advancement having moved to polishing things up for release, and content updates beyond, it appears likely there will be more statements quickly.