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Month: January 2023

Uncovering The Sims 4s Hidden Gem: A Feature Fans Have Overlooked But Are Now Raving About

The Sims 4 has actually accumulated a huge variety of functions over the years-die-hard Simmer likewise lose track.
A fan now reports on his discover of a concealed function and lo and behold: this information has likewise escaped other long-lasting players.

The Sims 4: Bigger new mobile phone shell?

In the Sims 4, the smart device is a constant buddy of your Sims.
But did you know that you can adjust the style of the cellular phone according to your dreams?
Apparently this little function has left numerous Simmer.
Due to the fact that there are a variety of fans in the Subreddit of the Sims 4 after a veteran gamer shares his amazing discovery with them:
He is annoyed to play the life simulation considering that the release and have kept his Sims around the world with a gray smartphone.
Over 140 comments have now gathered in the thread.
Many gamers are similarly surprised by the find and say that they have never observed it.
Others know this possibility, but they have forgotten over time.
For a few gamers, these style choices are entirely dull since the mobile phones are revealed much too small anyhow.
They never utilized the function.
In addition to setting the smartphone color, you can likewise dip the screen background into the color of your option.
By the way, this detail has been consisted of in the fundamental game considering that 2016 and received a little overhaul in mid-2022 with high school years.

by doing this you can adjust your smartphone in the game

If you are shocked by the idea and desire to release your mobile phone covers from the basic gray, you have to select your mobile phone in the video game.
You see 3 buttons in the leading.
The first regulates the volume of your smartphones.
The 2nd changes your screen background and the last one is responsible for the design of your shell.
The background change takes place instantly, for a brand-new shell, your SIM needs to put the smart device when and put it out once again.
Then the modification becomes visible.


You ought to change the design of your umbrella with the umbrella stand if you now want to continue with the customization of other things.
Offered you have the extension seasons.
The Sims 4 conceals numerous more details that are not immediately evident.
Inspect out this image series for this:

Pre-Ordering Hogwarts Legacy? Heres How To Choose Your House And Wand In Advance Plus Get A Cloak And Mask!

Hogwarts Legacy allows you to choose the house and wand even before playing the game.
To do this simply link the accounts of Warding World (the former and famous Potter head) and Warner os this link.
With the accounts linked, just fill out the full test on the Warding World website.
In addition to the house, it is also possible to answer questionnaires to determine the patron’s wand and animal.

How to choose your home?

  • First, you will have to start linking accounts at this address: Warner os. and Warding World, the step is very simple and will ask you to enter the usual information, including your email address.
  • Once the link is underway, you will fall on a new page, offering you new options, but for the subject that interests us in these lines, go straight to the next step by clicking the button in the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • A series of questions will be distributed to you so that the selector hat determines which home you will belong when the game is released.

Unsurprisingly, you will have to answer according to your deep convictions to secure a place in the house that looks more like you.
The site is not in Portuguese, but it is possible to use the automatic owser translator.
The translation is good, and you will have no problems during the questionnaire.

How to create your wand?

After receiving your home, there are two more symbols of + on the left part of the screen.
There you can respond more tests to choose the patron animal and a wand.
In the text linked below, you can check out all possible questions and answers (translated in Portuguese) from the home, wand and patron questionnaires.
However, we do not reveal the paths that each option leads.


Therefore, there are no spoilers on how to get a certain house/wand/patron.

Extra items in Hogwarts Legacy

In addition to taking the home and wand to Hogwarts Legacy, linking accounts will also give two exclusive items to the new game.
Are they:
Fanatic school cloak of the corresponding house
Cicada skull mask

Save 75% On Popular Zoo – One Of The Most Popular Structure Simulators On Steam!

On Steam, you can now secure among the most popular structure simulators in recent years-and save a massive 75 percent.
However, the deal for the fan preferred World Zoo is just readily available for a short time.
After the simulation strikes World Coaster and Zoo Tycoon, designer studio Frontier Developments with Planet Zoo has actually landed the next success.
On Steam, the simulator is one of the absolute top agents of his category and with a discount of 75 percent, the video game on the PC platform presently only costs 11.24 euros.

World Zoo: SIM-HIT now on Steam on offer

In World Zoo you can live out to imagine creating your own wildlife park-and in a massive size.
There are numerous various locations around the world in the project and in sandbox mode you can let your creativity run free.
You can develop enclosures, dig lakes and even stamp hills and mountains from the ground to offer your animals the perfect living environment.
Be familiar with various exotic animal species-from giraffes to zebras to panda bears-and concur to your requirements to develop your very own distinct zoo.
Have a look at the launch trailer for Planet Zoo:
World Zoo |
Developed your personal dream zoo launch trailer
World Zoo has already persuaded many gamers on Steam-currently the simulation exists with over 54,000 votes with an extremely positive assessment.
The fundamental variation of the game is currently reduced from 44.99 euros to EUR 11.24.
The offer is still valid up until January 30, 2023. If you simply can not get enough of zoo simulations, you naturally likewise have the choice of purchasing the Ultimate Edition with 13 LCS.
The mega package presently costs 74.97 euros instead of 176.86 euros.

Planet Zoo

Frontier Advancement
Offered from Steam

Steam-Charts: Simulation highlights on offer

In addition to Planet Zoo, there are presently also many other popular structures on Steamet-you can conserve correctly at highlights such as Cities: Skylines or Age of Empires 2 conclusive edition.


You can discover an excellent summary of the finest steam deals from the genre at the coworkers from
Instead, if you feel like a sci-fi experience in a stunning open world, you can presently likewise grab the PlayStation-Hit Horizon Absolutely No Strike Steam-and save 67 percent.
Reading tip
Top offer on Steam: formerly special PS4 struck decreased over 60 percent
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