Apple Pay landing theory, which has repeatedly climbing up and down the surface, will finally become a reality.

The Financial Services Commission can pursue the introduction of Apple Pay services on February 3, saying, In consideration of related laws and related laws and regulations such as credit specialized financial business law and electronic financial transaction law, etc.
I confirmed that there was.

As early as next month, Apple Pay, which is scheduled to be serviced from next month, was concluded due to various reasons such as personal information protection law, terminal supply rebate, and overseas commissions in rumors.
It was.


In addition, the Financial Services Commission deleted Hyundai Card’s exclusive agreement and concluded that other card companies were able to service Apple Pay in Korea.
However, Hyundai Card said that it will launch Apple Pay services in Korea first, not monopoly, and not monopolized.

Meanwhile, Apple Pay-related service card companies and the exact time of launch will be released later.