Pixel Piece is a Roblox game based on a popular manga/anime.
One piece.
The game has a topic of confrontation between pirates and marine infantrymen, and both are powerful naval forces.


There are other fractions, but these are the main fractions from which you can choose.
Fans of pirate life can be interested in how to become a pirate in Pixel Piece.

How to become a pirate in Roblox Pixel Piece

Unfortunately, there is no reason to become a pirate in Pixel Piece at this time.

This quest is currently being audition, that is, the piracy quest does not work properly.
You cannot become a real pirate until this error is eliminated.
This will probably remain until the developer releases the patch or update to solve the problem.
As soon as the developer releases the correction, the error should disappear, and you can start a quest to become a pirate.
You can still participate and play the game, as if you were a pirate;
You simply will not have a title or sea loan.
Although you still cannot become a pirate, the desire to become a marine infantryman is not.
As soon as the error is fixed, we assume that the quest to the formation of a pirate will be similar to this.
To do this, a certain amount of white and the battle with the boss may be required.
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