One of the best points of sale of Hogwarts Legacy is the fact that players can live their own story with a character that looks more like their own magician or witch.
The ability to customize the character through facial features, hair and even clothing allows an additional layer of immersion and goes beyond the initial stages of the game.

If you expect to learn only how to change your appearance at Hogwarts legacysigu reading.

Change your appearance at Hogwarts Legacy

As mentioned, the first time you can change the appearance of your character in Hogwarts Legacy is at first, just before everything begins.
After that, you don’t stay with the person you have created except for the facial form, since the game offers the option to change things.


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Once Hogsmeade has been unlocked only a few hours after history, you can go to Emporia Tress of Madam Selling, located near the center of the Magic City.
Talking with Calliope Selling will open the same menu that appeared at the beginning of the game.
Here, you can make changes in your hairstyle, complexion and eyebrows;
Just be sure to take note of the price you will have to pay.
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As for the team you wear, every time you collect a new article, its visual appearance is added to your growth collection.
So, you will always have the option to equip the best elements that give you an impulse in your statistics, and also the ability to change the appearance of these elements when they are equipped in your character. In this way, you can keep intact the visual identity of
its magician or witch without necessarily suffering lower statistics.
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To do so, simply highlight any of the equipment elements on the menu and press the square/x button to change the appearance.
A selection of their unlocked styles will be presented, and can change them at any time at no cost.
Now that you are clear how to change your appearance at Hogwarts Legacy, there is nothing that prevents you from incarnating your character even more.
To get more help on the game, be sure to consult the related content or look for for more specific consultations.
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