The darkness gets everyone!
In Darkest Dungeon you hire heroes and master the darkest dungeon that you have ever entered this round-based Unlike RPG.
The tiniest light can save you the skin, since Darkest Dungeon is not almost your heroes come out alive, they likewise fight against psychological damage.
One of your heroes can develop worry, paranoia and much more with what you have to deal with.
On top of that come a bunch of monsters that you can beat.
But consider: If a hero dies, he is death forever!
The Permanent System makes the entire dungeon matter more interesting.
But do not worry, in the town you can always hire new heroes and buy brand-new items to equip yourself for the fight.

In the most current video we offer you an insight into the Gothic experience.
Be ready to tape-record it with the darkness in order to end up as a glowing hero.


Darkest Dungeon is now included in the Xbox Game Pass Ago.
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