The chat GPT, which has a big step in everyday AI, is installed in the search engine and is deeper every day.

Microsoft (MS) announced that it will carry out media briefings on the 7th as local time and add interactive search function using chat GPT to its search engine ice.
In addition, Bing-do reorganized and introduced AI-based search functions through new ice.

In addition to the result of the word-based search, the new ice is also derived from the search for natural language (routine language).
If you search through the new ice, you can use the interactive artificial intelligence used in the chat GPT to provide summarized answers other than the list.
This answer is created after the summary of the content that the ice engine searched on the web directly and is considered useful.

Microsoft said it will provide improved features than existing search engines, such as using new search functions, using project ideas, creating stories, organizing and sharing ideas.

However, he was wary of the absolute reality of the resulting results.
Microsoft said that it could be misrepresented by Bing’s information, or incomplete, inaccurate, and inappropriate answers could be displayed.
Microsoft is also vigilant about the incompleteness of deriving results due to the composition of human logic and the acception of the interactive AI, which is based on this.

The new function of the new ice is given the right to use the function according to the atmospheric order when the access request is made on the new ice introduction page.

After access, you can use this feature in a general ice search box.
Before access, you can see how the results are derived from the example menu.
In the example, you can also see the results of search results such as travel planning, the recommended car recommendation, the writing of the rhymes, the writing according to the given topics, and the expression of the Python code.

Microsoft, which was expected to add a chat GPT to the search engine with the expansion of open AI investment early, officially announced the addition of interactive AI, and Google’s response is also concerned.
Google has issued a code red, which means a crisis situation since Microsoft’s plan was revealed.


Google has responded to this.
On the 5th, Google announced that it would unveil interactive AI Bard using its interactive application language model Lambda (LAMBDA).
In particular, Google’s Lamb, which has various papers and technologies early in the artificial intelligence field, has a good performance than the chat GPT.

Google, which said that Microsoft will add Bad’s function to Google service as much as Microsoft moved through Bing, is expected to speed up the public disclosure of AI.