‘PIKMIN4’, the latest film of the Peak min Series, which was released through Nintendo Direct in September, unveiled new elements with its launch in July.

Nintendo unveiled a new game play of ‘Peak Min 4’ through the online showcase Nintendo Direct.
The video, which started with Nintendo Direct, unveiled a new element with gameplay that can be met in real games.

The light sky blue peaking is introduced as an ice pinyin, freezing the enemy and freezing the shallow pools to help move places that cannot be moved.
A new ally, similar to a puppy and similar behavior, was also released.
Like the parasitic peaking, the creature, which helps allies, also shows actions that small peaks cannot do, such as moving the original organisms, destroying huge walls, burning peaks and swimming the puddle.

The Peak min series, which was first released in 2001 as a game cube, has been led to AI action that led various peaks to combine RTS play.


The numbering title was the last three episodes released in 2013, but Hey released in 3DS!
The series has been developed in various ways, including the mobile title peak Min Bloom, which was developed with Peak Min and Nike.
In particular, in 2020, three episodes were transplanted into the Nintendo Switch, and expectations for the release of new works have increased.

Peak min 4 will be officially released on the Nintendo Switch on July 21.