Vampire Survivors recently launched its 1.3.0 update that adds a new stage and two free relics for all players.
It does not even require the expansion payable Legacy of the Moon spell.
One of the new relics called Chaos Malachite Race can change a certain character after reaching a certain level.
Here is how to unlock the Chaos Malachite relic in Vampire Survivors.

Unlocking of the Chaos Malachite relic in Vampire Survivors

The Chaos Malachite relic can be unlocked surviving to the 18-minute mark on the Bat Country stage and finding the relic on the map.

You can only unlock through the new Bat Country challenge stage and the method is very similar to getting the stroke relic, both introduced into the new update.
Any character or stage modifier can be used to get the relic.
The important thing is to reach 18 minutes of stage.
The green jewel of Chaos Malachite Relic will appear on the map, surrounded by a square of diamonds and marked by a green arrow that points towards her.
Collecting the relic will unlock the ability for the skeletal character Morocco to transform into an even larger skeleton called goshadokuro at level 80. According to the patch notes, Goshadokuro wins +2 armor, +1 quantity, +100 max HP and recovers HP
completely. Also your base weapon changes to this:
Anima of Morocco triggers bones as well as the basic bone weapon, but the bones accelerate after each rebound.
Great rotating arms appear around the player.
Sometimes they separate and begin to fly, inflicting base damage multiplied by quantity.
The Chaos Malachite relic can also be unlocked by writing Gottagofast in the Secret Menu, which is in the brand with the Sonic The Hedgehog motif from the Bat Country stage.
That is how to unlock the Chaos Malachite relic in Vampire Survivors.
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