Hogwarts Legacy makes no distinction of his way in witchcraft, so learning the arts of darkness, including the unforgivable curses is not out of reach.
You can learn Imperious to throw into your enemies how to find it better.
And the game does not punish you because of that.
The curse is obtained through a secondary quest, and you can miss the opportunity, so pay attention to our guide.

How to get Imperious in Hogwarts Legacy?

To achieve this unforgivable curse you need to start the secondary quest in the shadows of time with Sebastian Hallow.
Before that, you need to have completed all the primary and secondary quests that the character offers, including the one that allows you to learn crucial.
Enter Dungeon with Sebastian
Solve the puzzles
Sebastian will ask if you want to learn imperious
ATTENTION: The first option available makes you choose not to learn the curse.
So if you want to imperious in your arsenal you need to opt for other alternatives.
It will teach you quickly, and you can use the ability on the quest.
Continue advancing with the puzzles until you find the relic
Sebastian will catch the artifact
Omnibus will try to prevent you from taking the object
Talk to Omanis
Back to village
Defeat all enemies who are attacking the village
In a Sebastian animation he uses Imperious in an elf and makes him kill himself to defend his sister.
Your uncle is extremely annoyed, and you should talk to him.
After that, the quest is completed.

What imperious does in Hogwarts Legacy?

The imperious curse causes its enemies to become allies temporarily, that is, their spells have no more damage to them, it will not be possible to lock the aim, and they will attack and cause damage to their opponents until the end of the effect.

It can be used in powerful enemies, preventing you from receiving damage from all sides.


Its recharge time is quite high, so use it with knowledge and choose to use focus potions whenever possible.