At Carl sens 31st birthday, the world champion decided — unlike his first game with the white stones — for an opening with the Romanians, Nepomnjaschi played the Petrov defense.

Nero defends solid

Both players were well-prepared and moved quickly, the grand master exchanged their runners, ladies, and a few jumpers. After some well-known trains, Carlson, who made for the first surprise: with 18. SH4 instead of the usual 18th BXA6 made the birthday child the game a bit more dynamic: Himself Carlson gave an active jumper and a free-farmers on the D- Line, made possible its counterparty but its own defended fraudsters on the A-line. Nepomnjaschi did not liberate himself from this, the challenger played solid and held the game balanced.

In the episode, Carlson brought a tower on the seventh place and thought about the position over 40 minutes, but did not seem to find weaknesses in the defense of the Russian. Finally, the defending champion decided to have seized the initiative to repeat the position. A surprise as the Norwegian is actually known to play out balanced positions for hours to find and exploit small inaccuracies of his opponent. Nepomnjaschi was thankful for the passive retirement offer, so that the fourth party of the duel ended undecided.

A normal result against a well-prepared opponent.

Magnus Carlson

I just did not want to make a mistake. I knew that this variant is quite sure for me. I am pleased with the draw, the challenger appreciated the game. Carlson delivered a sober analysis: It’s a normal result against a well-prepared opponent.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the fifth match (13.30 clock) takes place before a renewed rest day is filed on Thursday.

Chess World Cup in Dubai, Fourth Party

White : Magnus Carlson (Norway)

Black: Jan Nepomnjaschi (Russia)


Like Bobby Fischer, Only Better | Anand vs Carlsen 2013. | Game 4
1. E4 E5 2. SF3 SF6 3. SX5 D6 4. SF3 SXE4 5. D4 D5 6. LD3 LD6 7. OO 8. C4 C6 9. TE1 LF5 10. DB3 DD7 11. SC3 SXC3 12. LXF5 DXF5 13. BXC3 B6 14. CXD5 15. DB5 DD7 16. A4 DXB5 17. AXB5 A5 18. SH4 G6 19. G4 SD7 20. SG2 TFC8 21. LF4 LXF4 22. SXF4 TXC3 23. SXD5 TD3 24. TE7 SF8 25. SF6 + KG7 26. SE8 + KE8 27. D5 A4 28. SF6 + KG7 29. G5 A3 30. SE8 + KG8 31. SF6 + KG7 32. SE8 + KG8 33. SF6 + Remix