Genshin Impact is about to receive one of the most important novelties that Hoover had prepared for this year. The great highlight in addition to the arrival of Summer was the introduction of a new game mode based on collectible cards. First level playable alternative that promises to offer us a lot of content and the possibility of achieving new and interesting rewards. However, the company’s last announcement about the TCG has included a small disappointment for the community.

Gen shin Impact is Rene of the competition in your card game

In addition to announcing some basic aspects of the game mode, a final message was added to the presentation of Genshin Impact TCG. It was announced that players can play against their friends and the appearance of a pairing tool that will allow us to seek clashes against other rivals of our server. However, there was a final warning: The games between friends or against other players will not serve to ascend in any ranking or win rewards. A mail to those who expected that this mode based on cards introduced a competitive aspect.

Even if we enjoy the relaxed experience that Genshin Impact us, and we did not negotiate with the possibility that the game offered us the possibility of living something similar with this TCG, the truth is that it seems a lost opportunity by Hoover. Card games usually benefit from offering competitive possibilities beyond friendly clashes. Even casual franchises like Pokémon bet on this something more challenging and interesting, especially when we talk about the long term.

The truth is that the introduction of the Genshin Impact card game seems well implemented in all other aspects, in the absence of knowing how it will be integrated into the monetization system. The games will be complex with a multitude of cards and tactical options, there is a system of Pre-baked levels that looks incredible. That is precisely the problem that we find many players that, being an option that seems so interesting, we would like to have that more hardcore option that kept us hooked a lot of time.