A few days ago a new Nintendo Direct was carried out, which already revealed things already expected, as well as games that we did not know and that are right now in the SHOP store.
However, the great absent was Hollow Knight: Silk song, a video game from which he was expected to have news since he will come out this year.
Before people enter boycott, Trustworthy Grieg, a verified tester of Team Cherry, has shared a message through the Discord platform that can appease the waters for those who expect the video game.
Mentioning that waiting for years will be worth it at the end, so users must be patients.
This is what he says in his message:

Sorry for all of you, I really want this game to throw it as soon as possible and we, the testers, we are working hard to get it for you, as well as Team Cherry, of course.
It will arrive, and it is a glorious game that is worth waiting.
Remember that Hollow Knight: Silk song is planned to launch this year on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC.
It will also get to Game Pass.


Via: Games radar
Editor’s note: It is a bit sad that the message is nothing more than that, but at least you can expect an adventure worth remembering.
I hope you propose much more than the original game.