Streamer and content creator Casimir Miguel Casimir Vieira, who has been highlighted on the Twitch and YouTube streaming platforms due to the 2022 World Cup oadcast, has just eak a new world record, becoming responsible for the most viewed Live in world.


This Monday (28), Casimir oadcast the match between azil and Switzerland on his official Twitch and YouTube channels. In the latter, the streamer accumulated 4.8 million simultaneous viewers and surpassed the audience of SpaceX’s release oadcast by Elon Musk: Twitter’s owner’s record was 4.2 million simultaneous viewers.

Adding to the Twitch audience, the content creator concentrated over 5.1 million viewers on their two channels.

In addition, Casimir also oke his own national record. During the match between azil and Serbia’s teams, the streamer surpassed the numbers of country singer Marilla Mendoza, who died in 2021 due to a plane crash of 3.31 million people. Came, in turn, concentrated 3.5 million people on the platform.

Phenomenon Casimir

Known as Came, the streamer is arguably the biggest name on the azilian internet in recent times. With viral content ranging from ‘reacts’ of Mastered episodes, game plays and debates about football, host and commentator dominates live oadcast platforms.

On November 9, 11 days before the 2022 World Cup official start, Casimir announced that he would oadcast 22 global games through a new YouTube channel called Cadet. Eight days after the start of the games, the channel accumulates more than 2 million subscribers.

How to watch games

To watch the games oadcast by Casimir, just choose your device preferably to keep up with your Twitch or YouTube oadcasts.

Check out the respective links from the platforms:

  • Twitch
  • YouTube

In addition to Casimir, all the 2022 World Cup games are being oadcast on TV Globe, Sports and FIFA+, FIFA’s official streaming channel.