[ Park Yeo-jin Reporter] Net marble (CEO Won Youngest, Do Kiosk) announced that it will conduct a final test of 3D third-person shooting center PC game ‘Paragon: The Development (Developer Net marble F & C)’ from 10th to 21st. Did.

In this final test, eight types of heroes were added from the 18 heroes released in the existing private demonstration test (CBT), allowing 26 heroes to play. You can experience various skins through game goods that can be acquired by basic play, and new maps ‘Agni’s’ and game mode ‘Competition’ are also available. Competition is a game mode that matches the tiredness of the gap between users with similar skills.

In addition, various convenience updates such as ▲ expanding mini maps, improvement of tutorials and training grounds, and additional items were added.


This final test is available on Epic Store and Steam. Epic Store is a global game distribution platform provided by Epic Games, which developed the original game ‘Paragon’.

At the same time, Net marble will hold the ‘Birth: Paragon: The Overtime’ event competition with a total prize of 20 million won. The tournament is hosted and hosted by Enchant and sponsored by AMD and Net marble, and 20 influencers including Mad Life, BYU Belong and Ta Young will participate as one team. The final match will be held online at 6 pm on November 12-13, and the final will be held at the Susan G-Star 2022 on November 19 at 1 pm.