In Oil Court Guide for steel rising you can find out:

  • Where you can find all catalysts
  • Where you get the amplifiers

Difficult fights await you in Steel rising. You can restore lost life energy with olive boards . If you rest on a Vestal in , the consumed citizens will be recharged.

The oil boards can be improved using catalysts and reinforcements. Catalysts increase the number of citizens, amplifier in turn the healing power.

Important information about the oil office upgrades

At the moment it is not possible to get all upgrades in a game run because A catalyst in Steel rising is missing . It looks like it was accidentally exchanged with an amplifier.

That is why there is an amplifier too much. Actually there should be four catalysts and four amplifiers ** in the game. This means that the professional care trophy cannot be activated. You can find out how you get all further success in our trophy guide to Steel rising.


1. Catalyst foundation location

After you have conquered the first boss in Steel rising, you come to a forest area. Last set at the Vestal in and follow the path down until you come to a fountain . Opposite the fountain you will find a chest that contains the first Lavoisier catalyst.


LES invalids

1. Amplifier

At the end of the area you will get the task of making an old elevator usable again. To do this, you have to explore a factory conquered by robots and repair a lever.

The path through the factory leads you to the factory port . Open the big gate to secure a shortcut to the Vestal in. Next to the big gate you will find a box with the first amplifier.

la Cite

2. Amplifier

In the course of the level you come to a destroyed bridge . Between the remains of the bridge you will find a chest that contains the second amplifier.


2. Catalyst foundation location

Shortly before you reach the town house of Monsieur de Mirabea , you come through a small courtyard, which is guarded by two musketeers and a Thuriferar. Take care of the opponents and run to the stairs. In front of the stairs you will find the chest in which the second catalyst is located.

Quarter du Luxembourg

3. Amplifier

To get to the next upgrade, you need the hook of the bishop . Starts from the carriage, run the middle street in front of you to the end and then go to the left into the small courtyard. On one of the balconies you can already see the chest you are looking for.

Run through the next passage into the street behind to get to the Place de la Comedic . Hold on the right and run the street to the end, where a leg-swinging ram is waiting for you.

You can pull yourself up via the metal fence . Let yourself fall on the other side and follow the passage into the next courtyard.

Take the next lead and jump through the open window. Cross the room and jumps into the next open window via street to get to the balcony with the amplifier chest.


4. Amplifier

In the quarry you have the task of finding Monsieur Marat. You can get the valuable upgrade in the upper deposit . On the large plateau you have to fight two spiders and a ram. A large abyss awaits you on the opposite side.

Take the bishop’s hook over the abyss and then drop to the lowest level. Here you will find the box with the fourth amplifier.

la Bastille

3. Catalyst foundation location

You can find the next catalyst at the top of the wall of the Bastille . You can’t actually miss him because it is located on the main path of the area. On the wall there is a huge cannon next to which the catalyst box is.


5. Amplifier

The last upgrade can be found at the end of the area. After you have activated the third Vestal in, follow the path until you come to a amphitheater . You can find the chest together with the amplifier on one of the upper stage places.

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