Developer Cube cube Sports has launched STEAM early access in the barbecue experience shim BBQ Simulator: the Squad that can be enjoyed with up to 8 people.

In this work where you can enjoy multi-player with a single player and up to eight people, you have to eat grilled meat before the player character is fainting. As it is a sandbox type game, it is also possible to play with soccer balls and mower while someone is baking meat. It seems that a flesh to steal the meat will also appear.

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Multiplayer’s CO-OP mode can play with up to eight teams and perform crazy BBQ sessions. Although the role assignment within the team is not particularly determined, the task sharing can be freely selected.

Avatar for men and women is prepared and can be customized very finely until the details of the face.

It must be provided so that the hostile flies are trying to steal the meat.

A variety of activities such as soccer balls and lawn machines are provided in the garden in the game, and someone wants you to publish while baking meat.

There is also a microwave if you look for a kitchen. The way to eat meat before the friend is fainting depends on the creativity of the player. First, check whether the microwave oven operates or explodes.

Meat and steak are valuable. You have to cook not to waste them. It may be environmentally severe.

Actively use gas burners and digesters.

BBQ Simulator: THE SQUAD that seems to enjoy chaos barbecue, is usually distributed for 205 yen (15% off until December 19). Early access is about to implement about a year.