Our special is about the upgrade of a PC to make it fit for modern games. We will make you some suggestions for a combination of CPU, motherboard and RAM for several price ranges for this purpose. Important: We call these sets in our special to simplify “CPU Combi” so as not to call all three components every time. But in our special is also the most prevalent graphic card rows in terms of price-performance. Before we come to CPU combinations and graphics cards, but we want to clarify some general things around the upgrade.

Upgrading – what is that exactly?

Basically, with the word “upgrade” around a gaming PC, each action meant, in which it improves the performance of the PC by a component change. Some things that do not improve the performance or only in a low dimension can underneath: an additional drive or more memory, switching from a hard disk to an SSD for Windows, a better power supply or a higher-value mainboard.

For our special, however, we focus on the CPU and the graphics card, whereby for a new CPU usually also a new motherboard plus RAM will be needed, except you already have an Intel socket 1200- or 1700-CPU or an AMD socket AM4 -Mainboard and only want to buy a stronger or more cores equipped processor.

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    1. 2.1ram: Tact and variety
    2. 2.1.1Itample CPU kombis from 260 Euro
  3. Page 3PC upgrade: Bottle neck and graphics card
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How to CORRECTLY Upgrade Your CPU, Motherboard, and Graphics Card

Processor selection

From a Core i5 processor you are basically still well with in the game mistakes, if you have at least the pedestal 1151, which appeared in 2015, as the basis. The new the socket, the sooner a CPU upgrade is currently not necessary for you. Nevertheless, the change can bring a lot to a modern Core i5 or Ryzen 5000 in current games – even the only 135 euros expensive Core i5-10400f for the pedestal 1200, which we have recommended since its release in spring 2020 as a price tip, is about 50 percent Faster in games than the Core i5-7600K for the pedestal 1151.

But back to “Old” CPUs: Even anyone who is still with an Intel CPU of the 7000 series or on the most of AMD maximally with a Ryzen 5 2600x, which is still sufficient in itself, can power with a new CPU station wagon Win that the change is worthwhile. A set with said Core i5-10400F, a motherboard and 16GB RAM costs from about 250 euros. In the sum, for this amount, power increases that can not bring you a graphics card for 300 euros, except you are currently still a maximum of with an AMD Radeon R9 280x or Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 or comparable other graphics card on the road. Some current CPU combinations will give you later. First, however, it’s about motherboards.

Mainboard: From 60 euros it starts

So that the CPU can unfold your performance, you do not have to buy expensive motherboard. Models from 60 euros are completely enough, as long as they offer only all of you important slots and features. At Intel, however, you have to be careful when buying one of the overclockeable K-CPUs for the pedestal 1200 or the newer pedestal 1700 and also intact. Because then a motherboard with Z-chipset is needed – here it goes at the pedestal 1200 only from 130 euros, at the pedestal 1700 from 160 euros. At AMD’s socket AM4 you can theoretically overclock with all the motherboards, with more expensive models to offer more options and make more more likely more options and more likely. Special CPUs are not necessary: ​​Every AMD Ryzen can be overclocked.

Important when upgrading, in addition to the question of which socket the new CPU requires, partly also the compatibility. New Ryzen 5000-CPUs are not clear with some old AM4 motherboards – this is important to know if you already have an AM4 motherboard, on which maybe only a Ryzen 5 1600x worked and wants to change to a Ryzen 5000. But if you buy the motherboard again anyway, is based on the chipset numbers. At the pedestal AM4 and 1200, the current models have 500-chipset names such as B550 or Z590, with the pedestal 1700, there are 600 chipsets. The chipset names are always inserted in the name of the motherboard.

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