Netflix has not had the best history of anime live action adaptations.
Since Death Note, through Cowboy Bebop, and in the future My Hero Academia.
Thus, many fans are afraid that the work that is being done with One Piece ends up being a disappointment.
However, Luffy Company Managua has good news about it.
During a special panel in Jump Fest 2023 last weekend, Ericeira Odd, creator of One Piece, revealed that he already saw part of the work that Netflix is carrying out with his work, and has indicated that he has high expectations in this regard.
This was what he commented:

The real action series of Hollywood is progressing.
For now, we have the base footage of the season 1. Many things happened behind the cameras, but if I am honest, the most worried person in the world that this goes well, it is me, Lol… but in reality it looks incredible!
Having the blessing of its creator, it seems that fans don’t have much to worry about.
We only have to wait and see what kind of adaptations netflix has for us.
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Similarly, here you can see the new One Piece Odyssey trailer.


Editor’s note:
Recall that Japanese usually like Live Action adaptations of anime.
While Odd’s word has a great weight, it is likely that his vision is not similar to that of the West fans, so you still have to have a doubt.