Mr. Hideo Kojima, who led Kojima Production, was here on April 15, and the studio will now be commented on Twitter if it is an independent production studio. Prior to this, the rumor that Sony Interactive Entertainment did not acquire Kojima Production. It is a good looking at that rumor.

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Kojima Production has been established in 2015, Mr. Hideo Kojima, independent of Konami. “Death Stranding” was released and released with PS4 monopolization. After that, PS5 / PC version is also released. The “Death Stranding” appeared in the banner of the PLAYSTATION STUDIOS official site, and the studio has widespread that the studio has fallen under the SIE’s umbrella.

The banner in question seems to be updated this month. At the end of the banner, “Ash and a magic brush” that Pixelopus has been handed up, and the same work is currently on the Japanese official site, but in the banner of the overseas official site, it is replaced with the same work “Death Stranding” has been added in the form. In the banner, the artwork of representative work of SIE umbrella studio is lined up. Therefore, the rumor that SIE acquired Kojima Production and has become a member of PlayStation Studios spread.

And Mr. Kojima’s own outgoing makes the situation more and more. That said, Mr. Kojima posted the banner. This was a big fuss that Kojima Production recognized by Kojima Production as a dark.

However, as Mr. Kojima commented, it was not a fact that Kojima Production was acquired by SIE. It seems that it was misunderstood by fans. Now the intentions of “Death Stranding” added to the SIE official site banner were unknown, but originally the same work was sold by the SIE with the PlayStation Studios brand. For example, LUCID GAMES “Destruction AllStars” is the same. What is listed in the banner is the title of the PlayStation Studios brand and does not necessarily indicate the studio under SIE.

By the way, Sie President and CEO Jim Ryan has shown an idea of acquiring a further studio in the interview when acquiring Bungie this year ( The company will continue to focus on the company’s trend.