Orcs must die! 3 reviews

Orcs Must Die 3 Review: Kopen, budgetbak of slopen?

If you are a fan of outsiders, you have to love the Orcs, perhaps the most regularly crossed fantastic breed of all time. Of course, the poor green skins are slow, dull, brutal, have serious dental problems, are coarse and coer, but should they all perish? If you are orcs, you have to die! 3 The answer is yes, yes they do it. And in the most painful way possible.

Eight years after ORCS MUST DIE 2012! 2 (and regardless of the branching of the Must die unchained only multiplayer), the third opus landed on Stadia in 2020 and has now arrived on PC and current generation consoles. For those who are not initiated to the world of ORCS management, Orcs must die! 3 is a third-person / Tower Defense shooter, which essentially means that it is a puzzle game except for the name. On 18 levels, you are putting a series of pitfall, barriers and dollurously horrible and wait for the unlucky Orc Horde HordeScuniously in your labyrinth of death, using your bow or gun and magic to eliminate The most resistant enemies before they reach your portal. The lower their disappearance, the more points you receive from points to spend for the next wave.

I am a big fan of the genus Tower Defense, which, I think, is at an almost perfect equilibrium of the industry between scarcity and supersaturation. Orcs must die! 3, although almost identical to the second opus, is an amusing iteration on the theme of the defense of the puzzle, with a wide selection of fun and deadly soil tips, wall projectiles, freezing rays, homes and others Ways to decide, cute, crisp, crush and mutilate the poor Orcs. Of course, enemies have their strengths and weaknesses against different weapons. The puzzle therefore consists in establishing the perfect sequence of fatal traps and injuries, paying particular attention to your budgetary limits for each wave. Create a diabolical labyrinth that addresses each ORC flavor with the perfect trap requires some tests and errors and practice, but remains engaging and fun, even if playing solo, the challenge of some levels can be frustrating.

Not that anyone comes for a nuanced story, but the cartoon story on Saturday morning does not have much to boast. It is a perfectly usable premise and there is even one or two twists on the way. You play one of the two war worship apprentices, which clearly suggests that the optimal way to discover Orcs must die! 3 is cooperative, a theory corroborated by the sometimes very difficult levels when plays solo. There are spiritual jokes worthy of laughter between the two characters, an impertinent and intelligent and the other… not so much, and both have usually played well. ORCS MUST DIE 3 knows very well that history is at the service of the action and the simple and airy guard.

Once the campaign is over, there are several other modes to unlock, including the new (at the series) and the enormous war scenarios, which add many new toys and even controllable machines. It’s a kind of non-starter without a cooperative buddy. There is also scramble mode, where you face more and more powerful green skin. Overall, there are at least a few dozen hours of content, and there is always the incentive to continue to improve and become more sneaky and effective in your death.

at the defense of the defense tower

Orcs must die! 3 has timeless comic art style and crazy that does not take it very seriously. On the PS5, the loading times were short and everything went well, but the colors seemed a little desatch in general and in the title and menu screens in particular, which, I suppose, is an aesthetic choice. Orcs must die! 3 Certainly does not push the graphical capabilities of the current generation consoles (or last generation elsewhere) but it is adapted to the tone of the game, just like the orchestral and explosive orchestral music that accompanies the action. The power of current generation systems is welcome in war scenarios, which pours dozens of goblins on the screen at a time.

Orcs must die! 3 is not really a step forward (and even less a leap) compared to the last opus, but after eight years, it may be just enough to remind people that this fantastic and fun franchise is still alive. He has modest ambitions but it’s certainly not a disappointing opus, and Orc must die! The action mixture, tower defense and riddling resolution in 3 remains unique and entertaining.