Oh, you thought that only because the end of the world is approaching, Rates and Aura will be safe from the wandering warrior, known as a wanderer? No no no. God of War Ragnarök does everything possible and plays one of the best hits of his predecessor. Therefore, when Rates and Freya will meet with a wanderer in Midgard during the quest Word of Fate, you will be ready.

How to win a wanderer in Midgard at God of War Ragnarök

A traveler is a mini-boss, which is stupid between Rates and its goal. Most of his attacks are large, wide horizontal swings with a two-handed sword. You can fend them off, but it was much easier for us to just evade them. Computed attacks consist of thunderous blows on the ground. Give him the opportunity to roll up a tantrum, and everything will be fine.

Be sure to use Freya during the battle so that it is dotted with arrows that enhance the spontaneous damage to Rates and its runic attacks. The battles in God of War Ragnarök require the patience and expectation of your discovery. So, take your time, study the traveler’s movements and punish him when the opportunity arises. Then, when the time comes to perform this magnificent finisher, enjoy it.


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