Understanding the finalists is important for the World of Warcraft players, because the war on dragons can affect your gameplay experience.

The elements are awakened in Zeroth and with their return the dragon islands reappear from the fog of history.
The dragon aspects return to their ancient home in WoW: Dragon Flight and again claim their place as a guard of Zeroth.


But while dragon queen Alexstrasza tries to renew the power of the aspects by all means, old enemies appear on the islands who want to destroy the inheritance of the titans and end the rule of the dragon aspects.
We are talking about the finalists.
We tell you in this special your story.

the ancestors of all dragons

The history of the finalists is closely linked to the protodraches.
These primitive and primitive creatures dominated the sky of Zeroth millennia ago and were the ancestors of the modern dragons.
At that time, some protodraches allied themselves with the titan huts to protect Zeroth from the corruption of the old gods.
These dragons later rose to mighty dragon aspects.
But not all the photo dragons followed the titans’ path, some even consciously rejected their gifts.
These rebellious photo dragons were the first finalists to prefer the wild power of the elements of the arcades magic of order.
Today’s finalists not only consist of protodraches, but are a diverse group of supporters that come from all angles and corners of Zeroth.
They honor the memory of the wild proton dragons, which once offered the titan huts and the dragon aspects, and strive to unleash the overwhelming power of the elements in Zeroth in their original form.
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