Evil West arrives at players as the last third-person shooting game of Shadow Warrior developer, Flying Wild Hog. Taking a new approach to the aforementioned Shadow Warrior, this title sees players take control of a vampire hunter to protect the old west of supernatural entities. As with many new releases, some players have questioned whether this game will appear in the Xbox Game Pass Subscription service. Here is your answer whether Evil West is at Xbox Game Pass.


Are Evil West in Game Pass?

The short answer is no; MAL West is not available in Game Pass. If you want to play the game, you must buy the game through Xbox, PC or PlayStation. Nor is it available in PlayStation Plus, which means that none of the systems obtains a launch in its respective subscription service.

This may surprise some since the last game of the developer Flying Wild Hog, Trek to Yogi, was a release of the first day at Game Pass. Perhaps the lack of a Game Pass launch of this game could be the result of a different editor; While Trek to Yogi was published by returning Digital, Evil West brings us Focus Home Interactive. Perhaps Focus Home did not feel so ready to make this a first day title at Game Pass as returning. However, do not be surprised if you finally get to the service in the future.

That is all you need to know about whether Evil West is at Xbox Game Pass. If you still do not know whether to choose Evil West, take a look at DLPRIVATASERVER in the extended game trailer of this unique title.

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