Halo infinity The second season of multiplayer mode is configured to add a favorite feature of fans to Big Team Battle matches. In recent months, Halo infinite players have been slowly giving the developer 343 Industries a series of complaints about the game in their current form. And although 343 has recognized that it is receptive to these complaints, many of the changes that fans want to see have been suspended until season 2 starts by just under a month. Fortunately, as mentioned in a new blog of 343, a long data feature of the Halo series will be added to infinite in a more prominent way.

343 Industries confirmed that when season 2 of Halo infinito begins, the speaker of the multiplayer arena (with Jeff Steitzer’s voice) will be added to Big Team Battle. In its current form, the time speaker that has been in the Halo series from the beginning only appears in infinite Types of smaller games. Fortunately, this will change when season 2 starts for Halo infinity on May 3.

The reason why this movement is so important for fans is because, in many ways, Halo infinite The multiplayer simply does not feel the same if the speaker does not announce the medals that players can win while competing. Since this is a characteristic that has been synonymous with halo for so long, not to listen to Steitzer to express the most iconic lines in Big Team Battle makes Halo infinite, feel a little more empty. Although this setting will not change the game for _Halo infinite Anyway, it is something that should please a lot of fanatics of all life.

Currently, Halo infinity Multiplayer mode is free on Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC platforms. And as mentioned, the title season 2 will begin at the beginning of next month for all platforms on May 3.

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Although it is a small alteration in the great scheme of things, will you find it to see that the multiplayer announcer will be added to Big Team Battle in HALO INFINITO? And do you continue playing the last game of halo for yourself? Let me know in the comments or contact me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.