A bundle of about 1,000 games, including a number of popular indie games, was released to $ 10 (about $ 1,200 in Hanhwa). Sales revenue is donated to support Ukraine who is experiencing difficulties in Russian invasion.

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Indie Game Platform Itch.io sells ‘Bundle Foreucrino’ that tied up 991 species to the 18th. This bundle includes 900 different kinds of games, including books, comic books, soundtracks and music, and more than 700 developers participated.

The minimum purchase amount is $ 10 and it is possible to pay further if you want. The target amount is $ 1 million (about 1.2 billion won for Hanwha), and 1,697 people participated in 2 pm on the afternoon of the afternoon. The original total price of the goods contained in the bundle is $ 6,534, and the discount rate is 99% based on $ 10,000, which is the minimum amount.

Among them, a number of indie games have been proven to have fun and completeness. As a major title, the Cloud Garden, which has been destroyed as a garden, as a so-called healing game, including a cloudy garden, a classical style of RPG cross-crocodes, and a brilliant atmosphere. In addition, we can see the title of the super hot, Baba Ice, Celest, Uriad of Fire and Ice, Rusty Lake Hotel, and the hotel. The game included in the bundle is downloaded from the ITCH.IO official page, and the game key that can be used on other platforms such as steam is not provided.

All proceeds created with bundled sales are contributed to the International Medical Corps and Voice of Children, a charitable organization. The International Medical Corps provides medical support, and Voice of Children relists to children with difficulties with war, and helps children to recover the wounds of their minds and re-travel to their daily lives.

For this bundle sales, itch.io is’ Ukrainian people are being attacked. As a game developer, not to destroy what we have, but I wanted to make a new world, so Ukrainians have won this trial, and I have won this trial, and I have gathered forces to get up after the war. I said, ‘I said.

Meanwhile, after Russia’s Ukraine invasion, Ukraine is supported in the global game industry, and the movement of Russia is growing. MS, EA, Active Bleeds, Epic Games, Takutu, Ub. Soft, have stopped selling Russian games and supporting Ukraine.