On March 24, 2022, it is known Zul’aman in WoW: Burning Crusade Classic opened its doors and maybe lured one or the other player back to the shard. Finally, there is not only a new challenge, but also much more badges of justice and equipment options to prepare your own characters on the TBC Final on the island of Quel’danas.

How much is going on in the shard?

So what is currently about the server populations of the shard world? That’s exactly what we want to find out! For our check we visited IronForge.Pro again. There all characters are recorded, which have emerged in a log for a TBC endgame content in a log.

So we see how many characters participate in the various servers at the PVE-endgame (the characters that were additionally recorded in the arena, we do not take part for reasons of comparability). The recent figures come from the last April ID from 6 April 2022 to April 13, 2022.

The populations of the TBC Classic server

  • The EU server Firemaw had already worked back to the top in recent months and comes to 33,942 characters (in March 2022: 32,951)

  • The US server Benediction is again number 2. It was counted there 28,433 characters (26,052 characters).
  • By far the largest German TBC Classic server is still Venoxis, with 15,949 characters (15.501 – 63.9 percent horde).

Classic TBC's Phase 5 is Looking INSANELY Good!
* The formerly largest de-server Everlook comes to 8,267 characters (8,405 – 73.3 percent alliance).
* Razors are counted 5,486 (instead of 5,705) active characters (at 49.4 percent horde).
* Lakeshire comes to 4,055 (instead of 4,496) active characters (at 63.8 percent alliance)
* Patchwork comes to 2.477 (instead of 2,672) active characters (86.5 percent horde)
* Transcendence comes to 2,828 (instead of 2,942) active characters (69.6 percent horde)
* For Celebras only 129 (instead of 149) characters were counted, including 30 on Horde side.
* For Lucifron, Dragon’s Call and Heartstriker, due to low players, no statistics were again charged in the last ID.
* A total of 313,321 RAID active characters were counted across the regions US, EU and Russia (in March 2022: 311,390).

Again: More characters, more extreme

If we hold, as in the last month, the total number of characters is easily rising, which is certainly likely to be on various new twinks, which frolic in the TBC Raids. At the same time, a hike takes place, of poorly and funds populated servers towards strongly populated servers. The result: Already very well-attended servers are always full, while all other Realm’s players are losing and turning part in ghost servers. What about your server? Do you find enough players for the dungeons and raids? Betray us in the comments!

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