Lucas – bachelor from RUNE Factory 5 with mysterious past. Like the main character, Lucas also suffers amnesia and, it seems, little knows about his past. It is incredibly knowledgeable and has a huge amount of information on many different subjects.

how to increase the hearts of Lucas

Lucas can be found in his house, which is marked as House Lucas on the map. Talking with him every day, as well as providing him a gift, will help raise the level of friendship. You will also want to make him a gift for extra points on his birthday, which is Spring 1 .

Favorite items:

  • Udon
  • Rice curry
  • Crystals
  • Liquid

Not like items:

  • None

Lucas – a safe character for romance due to lack of does not like . You can also find that the collection crystals to satisfy it or make drinks This is an easy way to conquer his heart. As soon as you are in Heart level, 7 Use By the way Menu Admitted in Lucas . You can meet with several characters at the same time, but marry only one.

The marriage option will be available after you perform the following tasks:

  • Completed Three Normal Lucas Events, Pink icon The icon notify you about each event will appear on their map.

8 Ways to Increase Friendship + How to get Married in Rune Factory 5
* Completed Lucas Final plot event.
* Meet each in the city.
* Unlocked and made Wedding Ring .
* Have it in Ten Hearts .
* Have Double bed .

As soon as you do all these requirements, you can make Lucas offer and marry him.

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