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Jason Momoa confirms his participation in rapids and furious 10

For some time a rumor began to circulate that Jason Momoa, actor who plays Aquaman in the DCEU, would join the cast of rapid and furious as the villain of the next main movie. Now, Momoa has confirmed that this information is true **, and he is more than ready to get behind the wheel of this series.

Through an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Momoa confirmed her involvement in _fast and furious 10, _ where he will act as the villain, thus following the path that Charlize Theron and John Dinner traveled in the last ribbons of the Serie. This was what he commented on:

“I’m going to do ‘Fast 10’, that’s going to be fun… It’s fun, I can interpret the bad, which I have not been able to do for a while. Now, I can be the bad guy. A very extravagant bad boy “.

Jason Momoa Is Officially the Fast & Furious 10 Villain
However, considering that _ fast and furious_ 10 was delayed until May 2023 , there is still a long time before we see Momoa within this extensive universe of cars. Similarly, taking into account the complicated relationship between Vin Diesel and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, it is likely that the Hobbs character is absent from this delivery.

In related topics, several classic films by Studio Ghibli return to the cinema. Similarly, Brad Pritt and the director of Deadpool 2 join for a very interesting project.

This is expected great! New elements of “Gran Turismo 7” that became the whole appearance

Gran Turismo who has been running the head of the car game as a real drive simulator so far. It will be the new product “Gran Turismo 7 (” GT7 “) ” is finally released on March 4, 2022 . GT7 supports PS4 / PS5, but PS5 functions seem to be able to express more richer cars. Prior to the release, Gran Torismo His Series Producer Yamano Aoi, who was a producer, was the attraction of GT7.

# Mission imposed on Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo 7 - State of Play Deep Dive 4K | PS5, PS4
Gran Turismo celebrates the 15th anniversary of the series this year. Mr. Yamanaka has a theme of conveying the charm of cars and culture to a new generation in GT7. I think it has become a commemorative work that is suitable for the 25th anniversary of the Gran Turismo ** ” I talked.

Society and environment surrounding the car in this 25 years have changed significantly, and a rich automobile culture like Gran Turismo has started is being lost. In order to have the charm of the car again, GT7 provides a variety of devices. GT7 can enjoy the car and the culture of the car and the culture by incorporating the joy and tuning the joy and tuning, even if there is no knowledge of the premise of the premise. It seems to be completed as “ Car Life Simulator “.

GT7 provides a car brand more than 60 car brands, 400 cars or more cars. The course that can run is 34 locations and more than 90 layouts . In addition, we will increase online updates in the future.

A hand-held car is a “Grand Central” that handles new cars since 2001, a used car shop “Used car dealer” that changes daily-up every day, and a “Legend Car Dealer”, which has no faded historical master, even after 100 years has been I can do it. You can also get a car in the “Campaign Mode” race bonus as before.

# “Gran Turis Mocafe” is a central existence of GT7

Gran Turis Mocha Fa ” has a particularly important new element, GT7 centered function , and “ Menu Book ” (Quest) passed here By going, it is a mechanism to understand the world of vast GT7. Also, when you clear the menubook, you can hear about car backgrounds and cultures from the cafe master, The designer who actually involved in the car appears and let me talk about memories.

Although GT7 has no clear ending, it is possible to reach ending in campaign mode by clearing all the quests of more than 30 menu books.

# Enjoy the world of GT7 with music

In addition, “ music replay ” and “ music rally ” are also new elements joined to GT7.

Gran Turismo is focusing on making the replay video beautifully attracted from the beginning, and GT7 sublimes it in a new form of “ Music Replay “.

The previous replay has been a clumber that has been fixed on the course, whereas the music replay is a mechanism that produces a camera and a cut at randomly every time with the music. It is a must-see if the car is visible dynamically with your favorite music.

Music Larry ” is one solution for the user’s request “I want to relax and enjoy the drive while listening to music in the Gran Turismo.” It is the purpose of enjoying music rather than running fast, and it is characterized by a beginner or a feature .

The player owns a certain “beat” and the beat decreases as time has passed, and when it becomes zero, the game is over. While adding “beat” well in the middle of the road, it will be clear if you can listen to music to the end.

# Many of the modes that you can feel like Kuruma

The tuning shop is also resurrected from GT7. There are more than about 60 tuning parts per unit, Aero part is about 650 types, about 130 wheels, and paint color is also available because it is prepared for about 1200 colors ! You can put roll cages or make it a wide body, and the number of locations that can be lavaried and the number.

And the most concerned about car lovers is machine setting. Previously, car performance has been required by the weight of the car, power, and a simple formula from the tire grip, but from GT7, the automotive physical engine is actually turned on finely entered values. The concrete performance of the car can be calculated instantly . If you like actual car lovers and races, it is likely to use the whole day with this setting al1. You can also say that Mr. Yamakami says “Favorite Features”.

# Real meteorological change has depth in the race

GT7 also attracts attention to the fact that weather changes like the real world occur. Based on the past huge weather data, temperature, humidity, temperature, etc. are set in each region, for example Japan’s sky is like Japan, and California sky changes as California. The condition of the atmosphere seems to be finely simulated to the process of producing clouds.

It is an important thing, Just just say “apparent change” that changes weather and light simply by time has changed . In line with the weather, the temperature, road surface temperature, and triboelectric coefficient of road surface is also changed like the real world. If it is hot, tires are easier to save and falls engine power. Furthermore, it is involved in the effect of the slipstream.

Even when it rains, the road surface is not only wet, but depending on the course layout, there is a place where it is easy for the water puddle, and the driving line is likely to dry, and it is likely to look at real races. The rain cloud radar is also displayed, depending on the course, it seems that “it is raining in part and it is fine.”

# New feature of the attention realized by PS5

GT7 supports both PS4 / PS5, but with PS5 functionality, it is more likely to be immersed in the worldview of Gran Turismo. Super fast SSDs reduce the load time or project with a 4K / HDR that moves at 60 fps frame rates, but here we will introduce the functions unique to GT7.

· Ray Tracing

Ray Tracing is a technology that brings the behavior of light more to the real world. The car body is particularly susceptible to light reflection, so this ray tracing technology will be more active. As far as you saw the sample video, the beauty drinks breath. If you like cars, it will be a particularly happy technology.

Adaptive Trigger

PS5 Controller “Dual sense” is adopted by “adaptive trigger” that changes the weight in which LR triggers are pushed to the scene.

GT7, especially when placing brakes, its real feel is transmitted from the hand. For example, intermittent vibrations of ABS (antilock brake system) when the strength of its resistance is different or strongly locked with a brake.

# # · Haptic feedback

Haptic feedback is a feature that supports “dual sense” of the PS5 controller, as well as adaptive triggers. You can express subtle nuances vibrations according to the scene of the game.

In GT7, it seems to reproduce the small irregularities on the road surface and the feeling when the circle’s curb, and even the front tire slipping is slipped up to the vibration when it is understeer. Even if it is not a handcon user, it is nice to feel feedback as if you are driving a real car.

# # · 3D audio technology

In Gran Turismo, you can experience realistic sounds, such as recording the sound source of the real car, but PS5 can feel more three-dimensionally by 3D audio technology.

Specifically, the sound of the surrounding car and the sound of the circle, the sound of the flying helicopter, the sound that can be heard from various directions, such as the sound of hitting the roof, “where is it sounds” It becomes like. These can be output with multi-speakers and headphones according to the needs of the user.

# To the World of Mekuru Car Life

In the presentation event, it was surprised that there are so many information amounts, and it was only the content that can be delighted as a fan.

According to Mr. Yamakata, “ GT7 clears the Menu Book of” Gran Turis Mocafe “, it is the beginning of a car life that is not over Discover new ways of playing even after one year It is possible to be able to do “.

Finally, the door to the car life is opened on March 4th.

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