Lauppy Blast Flow Growth RPG “Rapischronicle-Hero Crown-” (hereinafter referred to as “Lapictle”) announced the popular fighting game of SNK “The King of Fighters ’97” (here, KOF ’97) and collaboration event did.

Legous Blast Speed ​​Growth RPG “Rapischronicle-Hero Crown-” (hereinafter referred to as “Lapicul”) is currently being held in a collaboration event with the Popular Fighting Games “The King of Fighters ’97” (KOF ’97).

It may be a sign of Sign with Hoshino’s signature by participating in the official Twitter campaign! ?

With limited time from March 17 Thu), a new hero [Vengu of revenge] Yakami appeared!
A luxurious event is being held where you can get the summoning item while enjoying the story of special title and collaboration character!

Follow the official Twitter “@Lapischronicle” and check the latest collaboration!

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# [Vengu of revenge] Yagami Hakata (CV: Hoshino Yasuko) appeared!

A representative hero of the “KOF” series · Yachiki Hachika (Yamatsu) famous as a rival character of Kusatsu is also participated.

The purple flame he released is alive in “Lapicul”! “Hundreds of Harm Expression, Dark Payment” that releases the ground, “Haruka Easy, Dark Payment”, which limits the behavior of the other party, and the effect of “curse” giving slip damage.

In addition, if you sublime “Hundred Eighty Expression, Dark Payment” to a super special move, “Back Hundred Eighteen Cup” can be used! Performance is strengthened, and the opponent is burned with the attack power that has been powered up and the effect of the hard and curse.

Event period

March 17 (Thu) to April 2 (Sat)

# Get a collaboration character with “Area Summon”!

It is a chance to earn collaboration characters “Hachikasu” with “Around Word Summoning” held for a limited time!

※ The appearance period of each character differs. Please check the information in the game for details.

# Scenario that can only be seen here! Limited Event “Heroes”

Special events “Heroes” that can experience stages and stories with “KOF” characters appear within a specific period. If you clear the event “Heroes”, up to 20 “invitations” that can be used in “Area Summon”!

# Event “Limit Opening Plan” earned a reward such as a dedicated frame while fostering!

Developing to the target star rank can be gained free of charge.
Also, simultaneously, the corresponding star rank pack can be purchased.

# “Hakujo” Birthday festival! Special events appear

March 25 (Fri) is the birthday of Hachikasu! We will hold a special event in Lapicles.
Event Period: March 25 (Fri) -August 1 (Fri)

# # Remarks Event

On the day of birthday, when you chat the word including “Happy Birthday” on the “World” channel, you will receive a presentation later! Let’s give the words of celebration to Yakami!
※ We will distribute rewards by email later.

# # Daily Login

During the period, you can get luxurious rewards when you log in daily.

# # Birthday drop

In the standing battle and the rapid standing, “Atsuki cake” drops with a probability.
“Atsuki cake” can be replaced with a dealer with a shop at the shop.

In addition, when you log in during the period and reach level 30, a commemorative title will be sent by email!
Please get it as a collaboration commemoration!

# Twitter Campaign is being held

In the official Twitter “@ Lapischronicle”, various present campaigns are being held!
Please check it!

“KOF ’97” Yagami Hakata (CV: Yoshihiro Hoshino)
Hoshino Yachikawa’s signed colored paper is presented in 1 person by lottery from Follow & RT!
Deadline: April 30 (Saturday) 23:59

# “Rapisclonicle-Hero Crown-“

“Rapisclonicle-Hero Crown-” is an adventure fantasy that combines the swords and magic and near future world. It is a work that enables the highest high quality graphic among the next generation 3D modeling technology and among the left game apps. With a movie class 3D animation, you will provide a non-refreshing battle experience to the player.

Furthermore, so that you can get out of the quest, you can experience the busy modern society rationally and efficiently by implementing the up to 12x-speed function so that you can deviate from the core content of the game. increase. Just all, you can do it at the same time Blast fastening RPG!

Other than that, the tower of the dragon bone (PVE), the archae area (PVP), the rank match (inter-server rank match), the ruins exploration (sugoroku), the corridor of the memory (hero story), the original Guild match function, etc. Packed. Even if you’re wearing a splashing time, it is a single work that can be achieved with the standing game where you can enjoy it even if you play the waist at the time of time.

# About “Lapicul”

Title: Rapischronicle-Hero Crown-Genre: 3D Auto Battle Launch RPG Supported OS: IOS / Android Price: Basic Free (Item Purchase System) Delivery Start date: November 24, 2021 official Twitter: / lapischronicle official site: official LINE: official Youtube: Download: https: // lapikuru. ONELINK.ME/BF95/ef6a5892